From Hawaii with fury: in Italy there is more and more poke mania – Food

From Hawaii with fury: in Italy there is more and more poke mania – Food
From Hawaii with fury: in Italy there is more and more poke mania – Food

From Hawaii with fury: after a few years of fashion in Italy the poke mania it seems not to stop and indeed to conquer more and more especially the younger generations. It is spelled poke, it reads poh-kay and it is a dish originating from Hawaiian cuisine, born from the tradition of local fishermen who used to eat it as a snack, preparing it with the scraps of their catch. Today he is the protagonist of a real craze that first took hold in the United States and then moved overseas, becoming a must have for lunch breaks. The confirmation comes from Just Eat: over 131,000 kg ordered at home in 2020, with a growth of + 238% compared to the previous year. From January to today, more than 218,000 kg have already been ordered, showing a growing trend for this year as well. September 28th is the International Poke Day of September 28th.
Analyzing what emerged from the Observatory of the leading app to order food at home online throughout Italy and in the world, poke is confirmed to be one of the favorite dishes of Italians this year, a trend that finds main motivation in the possibility of composing the bowls according to your tastes. Of the more than 131,000 kg ordered during 2020, 80,000 kg were customized versions, an increasing trend also in 2021, as demonstrated by the 88% growth in requests for this type of poke bowl.
Among the most chosen ingredients, bearing in mind the light and fresh nature of poke and the fact that it primarily prefers the presence of fish, the salmon appears to be at the top in the composition of poke bowls with over 14,000 kg in different variations: cooked, raw, spicy or in the tempura version. Other particularly popular types of fish are tuna (2,040 kg), seared, raw or cooked, and the shrimp (600 kg) in the variants with ice, cooked, seared, spicy or tempura. Poke bowls containing shrimp are also the ones that grew the most in the first half of 2021, recording an increase of as much as 450% compared to the previous year. Rice in white, wholemeal or venus versions is one of the most popular and classic choices, and combined with ingredients with an intense flavor to give a boost of flavor. Among these stand out tropical fruits such as avocado, mango and pineapple, nuts such as almonds and pistachios, but also oriental influences such as chicken teriyaki, edamame and ginger. There are also growth curves that speak of new food trends with greater increases, such as poke bowls in vegan or vegetarian version, which began to spread in 2020 with over 1,000 kg ordered and which in the first half of 2021 have already seen a 28% increase in requests. A trend also confirmed by Poke House, a chain born with the mission of spreading a healthy and balanced lifestyle, typical of the Californian West Coast, which has registered a growing interest in the proposal of vegetable proteins, such as the “chicken-not-chicken” THIS isn’t Chicken.
If you look at the cities that pull the so-called “Poke mania”, Rome is the undisputed queen of bowls with over 46,000 kg ordered from January to today and a 78% growth compared to the total recorded in 2020. Second place for Bologna, while at the end of the podium we find Milan.
Among the restaurants that have made poke their main proposal, several chains stand out such as Poke House, which offers popular dishes such as Poke Sunny Salmon (white rice, juicy salmon, avocado, edamame, red cabbage, special salsa, avocado cream, crispy mix seaweed and wasabi, sesame) and Poke Chicken (white rice, teriyaki chicken and ginger, courgettes, cherry tomatoes, red cabbage, teriyaki sauce, spicy mayo sauce, spring onion, almonds and sesame); I Love Poke, with its Salmon Poke Tartare (white rice, salmon tartare, Philadelphia, chives, avocado, cherry tomatoes, tobiko, almonds, wasabi mayonnaise and Teriyaki sauce) and Poke Love (black rice, salmon, tuna, orange and fennel, wakame seaweed, edamame, red cabbage, carrots, melon, sesame, Guacamole and soy sauce), along with Temakinho/Pokinho and Pokewaii, the two virtual brands are part of the well-known Temakinho and Zushi groups.

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