Former Senator Denis Verdini was sentenced to one year in prison for auction disruption in the Consip case

Former Senator Denis Verdini was sentenced to one year in prison for bidding disruption in the context of the Consip case, a complex affair that concerns alleged wrongdoing in a tender launched by Consip, the “central purchasing “Of the public administration. Verdini would have proposed to the Neapolitan entrepreneur Alfredo Romeo to step back to ensure that a company close to Verdini – Cofely – would win an important 2.7 billion euro contract: in exchange, Romeo would have received 30 per cent of the contracts of the contract. As part of the same investigation, the court also decided to indict Tiziano Renzi, father of the leader of Italia Viva Matteo Renzi, for trafficking in influences.

Verdini was sentenced with an abbreviated rite, with suspended sentence, and like him the entrepreneur Ezio Bigotti and the former parliamentarian Ignazio Abrignani were also convicted for disruption of the auction. All three were acquitted of extortion charges.

Renzi, who had not requested the abbreviated procedure, will be tried for trafficking in influences, while the offense of auction disruption has not been recognized. In addition to him, the former parliamentarian Italo Bocchino and the entrepreneurs Carlo Russo and Alfredo Romeo were indicted. Romeo is also accused of bribery and corruption while Russo is also accused of attempted extortion.

The Consip investigation is complex and delicate: it is divided into numerous strands that are dealt with by the prosecutors of Rome and Naples. It began in 2016, when Naples magistrate Henry John Woodcock began to suspect that Neapolitan entrepreneur Alfredo Romeo had bribed some public officials to obtain contracts in the health sector. It then extended to Consip, the large company that deals with shopping for a large part of the public administration.

In the line of investigation concerning Tiziano Renzi, the magistrates hypothesize that the latter, together with his friend Carlo Russo, would have put pressure on the director of Consip, Luigi Marroni, to favor entrepreneur friends in awarding contracts. One of the entrepreneurs who would have been favored is Alfredo Romeo.

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