Sarri enjoys his craque

Sarri enjoys his craque
Sarri enjoys his craque

January 11, 2015 – September 26, 2021, more than 1825 days later is still the Felipe Anderson show. Football is strange and can sometimes make the past more relevant than ever. “Maybe not even he sometimes realizes his potential”, he said Maurizio Sarri yesterday at the end of derby won by Lazio, who knows how many times the Brazilian will have heard these words repeated during his career.

That 11 January 2015 Felipe Anderson, the day of his first center in a derelict city, had just 22 years old and he wore the white and blue shirt for two. He has always made it clear that he can make a difference even if he has not always succeeded in his intent. Fault of character many have said a bit like when they told you at school: “He is good but he does not commit himself”. Probably the two experiences away from Italy were not too lucky. First at West Ham and then at Porto he turned on at times, but those adventures made him mature to the right point. In the summer, then, he decided to go back to where it all started and have his say, this time as a protagonist.

Maurizio Sarri believes in the Brazilian, he has given his green light for the return and so far Felipe has not failed to meet expectations. Yesterday in the derby della Capitale literally drove Vina crazy, he ran for 90 minutes, picked up that amazing play by Ciro Immobile and put his signature on. “Incredible, awesome, superlative, adorable, to scream”, are just some of the adjectives approached his performance and give due credit to the player and the coach capable of making him shine as he deserves, this time not as a comet but as a North Star. On the eve of the derby the coach said of the former Santos: “He has extraordinary gifts, he brought them out in a small part. It must have a growth in conviction and nastiness, because really otherwise it is a waste of talent. He can be an international craque ”. Words heard literally by the number 7 who was a thorn in Roma’s side and decided the derby.

Lazio has rediscovered its Felipe Anderson, Felipe has rediscovered its Lazio with a new enthusiasm and a great desire to show that what we saw years ago was only the prelude to something better.


Sarri enjoys craque

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