Direct Weather Lazio and Rome, thunderstorm with electric storm

Lightning trail. Note the considerable density of lightning strikes.

Meteosat image showing the large storm cell over Lazio.

Weather conditions are worsening in Lazio and Rome, where the effect of unstable air from the North-West is coming. This is the mass of stormy air that yesterday caused thunderstorms in Northern Italy where there were also storms.

The thunderstorm activity is very intense in central-northern Lazio, so much so that it produces hundreds of lightning strikes in a few minutes. An electrical storm underway, favored by the very high temperatures recorded on the ground in this period, despite the fact that we are now at the end of September.

The storm area could also produce local hailstorms with large grains, as well as rain showers of exceptional violence.

In these days we have seen powerful storms in some areas of the Mediterranean Sea, especially in the south of Spain, where in some places an incredible amount of rain has fallen in an hour, even over 120 mm.

Now we will see the intensity of the storm phenomenon which however seems to lose strength as it moves towards Rome.


Direct Weather Lazio Rome thunderstorm electric storm

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