the Magalli case eclipses the show

the Magalli case eclipses the show
the Magalli case eclipses the show

It was the news of the weekend and it could only be the starting point of the appointment with GF VIP of 27 September. Alfonso Signorini is in fact back on the Volpe-Bruganelli case, which they looked at each other almost in a frown from the first minutes of the show. The clash was triggered by a photo of Lady Bonolis with Giancarlo Magalli, enemy number one of the Fox.

That there was no good blood between the two commentators was clear from the very first bars of the program, but no one would have ever imagined that it would come to personal confrontation between both. Signorini favors the reconciliation and guides the discussion, in which it is not clear who wants to clarify and for what obscure fault.

Bruganelli he tried to explain that he had met Magalli at the restaurant almost by chance, arousing the reaction of the Fox who started eating popcorn to enjoy the show. He also said he talked about her with the former conductor de Your Facts, merely specifying that she is not his friend (as if there was a need to point this out).

The impression, however, was that of an unnecessary sacrifice of the show, which he made struggling to take off after the confrontation between the two commentators and (perhaps) for the express strategy of the conductor who promised an exchange in installments with a lot of snacks as in the cinema. We continue on the void, repeating each point of themeeting with Magalli and the reason for the photo. Meanwhile, in the House they ate snacks at will while waiting to be taken into consideration.

The exchange between Gianmaria and Soleil did not convince and the entrance of his girlfriend was of no use Greta. We proceeded by gliding on a story that had no bite, not even in a moment, except for the comparison between the two commentators who gave a little flavor to the episode.

I vipponi they have disappeared behind dynamics that they have not yet been able to create, lingering on the same topics that have been dealt with from the beginning. The heart-wrenching stories haven’t been drawn yet, perhaps waiting for an interesting twist from a cast who should be more daring. Social chatter hardly works and should also be put aside, just for the sake and satisfaction of exploiting the media power of TV which remains the most powerful means of communication.


Magalli case eclipses show

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