Great Britain petrol crisis, could it also happen in Italy?

Great Britain petrol crisis, could it also happen in Italy?
Great Britain petrol crisis, could it also happen in Italy?

The “petrol crisis” in Great Britain has all the connotations of Brexit, but not only that. There have been many mistakes that have led the country to have a shortage of fuel and the action of the newspapers, alarmist by nature, was not insignificant. The government has made it known: the deposits are full.

The problem therefore seems to reside, more than in the health crisis as written by some, in the political and humanitarian crisis (in the sense of flight from the country) due to Brexit, or the exit door of Great Britain from Europe. The British had been warned: leaving the community labor market would do harm. The first signs had occurred with the long kilometer queues of trucks towards theEurotunnel.

The cause of the petrol crisis was the lack of employees in the transport sector, a shortage that our country has also experienced and continues to experience. The same reasons that made the call behind the wheel in England fail occurred in Italy this year. It is not so much the salary, which although lower than in other countries is in any case “adequate”, but the economic and technical difficulty in obtaining the driving license. In short, it is not a job that is invented overnight.

Great Britain: petrol crisis and panic

More than a petrol crisis, the UK crisis is a petrol “panic”. There is no shortage of fuel, he reiterated George Eustice. UK Minister of Environment and Agriculture, who confirmed: “Deposits and refineries are full“. In fact, the problem is there distribution on land.

Without transport workers, without truckers, gasoline does not go from point A to point B and this has caused the real gasoline crisis. Much of the work, however, as mentioned at the beginning, was done by the news media. This broke the news in an alarmist way and prompted thousands of people to line up to fill up with fuel. The consequence was the inability to supply all distributors on time.

Petrol crisis and the vain demand for eurozone truck drivers

For some time the associations of the sector, such as the Road Haulage Association, asked to be allowed to recruit workers from the eurozone. It is not a new problem in fact, the shortage of skilled workers in driving heavy vehicles was already underway and the pandemic and Brexit did the rest. There are those who speak of 25 thousand requests, but in truth the number of missing truckers is closer to 100 thousand.

However, the government had initially denied the opening to foreign washers, calling the associations to look for truck drivers in the country. Experts who did not find each other, at least not in time, causing what has been baptized today “petrol crisis”.

Solution to the petrol crisis: bringing European truck drivers back

Faced with the evidence, even the British Prime Minister had to admit the need to grant work visas to Europeans. In fact, it was impossible to train the truck drivers in time, there Logistic UK he noted that it usually takes about 9 months. A time obviously too long to overcome the crisis.

Like this Boris Johnson has fallen back on the first solution, that of granting work visas for truck drivers and experts in the transport sector. There were rumors of just 5,000 visas, against a request from nearly 25,000 drivers. In the end, a compromise was reached with the most anti-European wing with the granting of 10,500 work visas.

Can the petrol crisis also occur in Italy?

The English scenario is frightening. These days there are photos of kilometric lines, of empty tanks, but above all of supermarkets with a shortage of all kinds of goods, even basic necessities. Before facing the same kind of crisis we should ask ourselves a question.

Can a similar crisis occur in Italy? The answer is yes and it is not even that far from the current reality. In August the director of Anita (National Association of Road Transport Companies) Giuseppina della Pepa confirmed that in our country about 5,000 experienced truck drivers are missing (not driving license C, but EC patent).

The crisis in the sector has been going on for several years, well before the outbreak of the pandemic. Many companies have created online advertisements, raised their salaries, and offered to pay part of the cost of acquiring a driver’s license, but nothing.

Currently Italy relies heavily on foreign workers, a bit like Great Britain, but the demand for heavy haulage truck drivers continues to grow. It grows with digital commerce, product globalization and demand.

It would serve to encourage the unemployed and young people to take up this profession, or to open the doors to regular foreign workers. The demand is always higher, so much so that national associations have asked the government to create a quota of work visas to recruit immigrants. This solution, together with a greater ability to attract young people, should lead to a solution to the crisis in the sector and, at the same time, prevent the same “petrol crisis” as Britain from occurring in our country.

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