Bocuse d’Or, Italy finishes tenth at the World Cuisine Championships. France wins

Bocuse d’Or, Italy finishes tenth at the World Cuisine Championships. France wins
Bocuse d’Or, Italy finishes tenth at the World Cuisine Championships. France wins

After the Italian success at the Pastry World Cup at the Sirah in Lyon, the Bocuse d’Or 2021, the international gastronomic competition comparable to the World Cup of cooking. Italy, came tenth out of 21 nations, not yet managed to break the predominance of the Nordic countries and the France, winner of this edition, followed by Denmark e Norway. The best Italian placement since 1987 – the year of birth of the competition, founded by the great French chef Paul Bocuse – the fourth place obtained in 2001 by Paolo Lopriore still remains.

He team

This year Alessandro Bergamo, born in 1989, sous chef of Cracco in Milan and Italian candidate for the Bocuse d’Or, he did it all: together with the team (the coach Lorenzo Alessio, the deputy coach Filippo Crisci, the commis Francesco Tanese and the helpers Noel Moglia , Graziano Patan and Andrea Monastero) comes from months of training in the training center in Cesenatico, closely followed by the staff of the Bocuse d’Or Italy Academy, the structure born in Alba in 2017 precisely to prepare the chefs for the famous competition. A very stressful test: 5 hours and 35 minutes of time to prepare a plate and a tray of such a surprising level, both in terms of taste and presentation, that it managed to convince the international jury.

The two tests and the Italian dishes

This year the candidates had to present as a tray a Charolaise beef priest’s cappel accompanied by two vegetable side dishes, a vegetable rag and a sauce of your choice. While the dish had take away as its theme: candidates had to conceive a take-away menu for 14 people consisting of an appetizer, main course and dessert. Judging the international jury, in which 24 chefs participate (including Enrico Crippa and Carlo Cracco) divided into two groups: the tasting jury and the cooking jury, plus the presidential jury composed of the greatest cooks in the world and Jerome Bocuse, son of Paul. Italy brought a tray, the biodynamic garden, inspired by the vegetable garden of Enrico Crippa’s restaurant, Piazza Duomo in Alba, three Michelin stars, and developed together with the designer Astrid Luglio. Tartlets arranged like small flower beds, potato horns and a wood surrounding the meat. While the dish, titled Journey to great beauty, has tomato as its protagonist: cherry tomato salad as an appetizer, cherry arancina and black tiger prawns as a main course, cherry ice cream tartlet, basil and virgin olive oil as a dessert.

Comments and special awards

For me, being able to experience the thrill of a Bocuse d’Or final means having fulfilled it a wish that I had kept in my drawer for a lifetime – he declared Alessandro Bergamo – We were aware that it would have been difficult to win but I was equally sure we would do a good job. The Bocuse d’Or is not just a competition but a school of life which I recommend to all my younger colleagues. The president of the Bocuse d’Or Italy Academy Enrico Crippa and the director Luciano Tona they don’t give up: To get to that podium we need important support from organizations, associations, partners and sponsors, only in this way will we be able to grow. An appointment, therefore, al 2023. Meanwhile, this year the Sustainability award went to Colombia, the Best commis to Switzerland, the best Take away to Sweden and the Best tray to Iceland.

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Bocuse dOr Italy finishes tenth World Cuisine Championships France wins

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