Venice-Turin 1-1, Juric: “I was wrong too, it’s a point earned”

Venice-Turin 1-1, Juric: “I was wrong too, it’s a point earned”
Venice-Turin 1-1, Juric: “I was wrong too, it’s a point earned”

At the end of the match between Venice and Turin, the grenade coach Ivan Juric spoke to Sky Sport microphones, releasing the following statements: “I’m a bit sorry because in other matches such as with Lazio and Atalanta we turned very badly. With Mandragora’s goal, things would have balanced out a bit. play but we didn’t do it and we allowed too many spaces. I made a mistake too, I could have made different moves. Even today, beyond the absences forward, it was a point earned, we were always at the limit of winning, what hurts are the three points less between Lazio and Atalanta “.

Does Toro have a chance to win the derby again?

“Juve have incredible talents, very young and strong. I don’t know what happened at the beginning of the year, now they have settled down and started winning but the derby is the derby and anyone can win. We will try to do our best to win. without being satisfied even if we lack several players “.

Will anyone be recovered for the derby?

“No, we are these, we lose Djidji but we should recover Aina who has been away for personal problems. We recover injuries after the break ”.

Juric continues talking about the group: “The team feels the love and passion of the fans. I think people are happy with what we are doing and I hope that this will make it to the end of the year. This is the way, to play with this spirit and this desire. There are players out there who can give something more but the group is there, a few times have I seen a group with this desire to change things. We must continue with this desire and I hope that there will always be this enthusiasm at the end of the year ”.



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