Princess Mako renounces title and severance pay for her middle-class love –

Princess Mako renounces title and severance pay for her middle-class love –
Princess Mako renounces title and severance pay for her middle-class love –
from Alessandra Muglia

Wedding in October for Naruhito’s niece: she doesn’t want any compensation. Then the new life in New York

After three years of setbacks and two postponements, it is now a matter of days for the wedding between the princess and her bourgeois boyfriend. Mako, the 29-year-old eldest daughter of Akishino, the brother of the Japanese emperor and his heir to the throne, will be convoluted in October with Kei Komuro, a former university friend of the same age who struck her with his smile like the sun. He asked her hand in 2013, attracted by how she takes care of me, calmly, like the moon.

To endorse the news of the upcoming wedding, disclosed by the Japanese media, the fact that the young man has just returned from New York: he had not returned to Japan since August 2018, when he moved to the US for a specialization in law. Komuro was photographed yesterday upon his arrival at Tokyo airport with his hair pulled back in a ponytail. And there has been criticism for that too jaunty air that little is suitable, according to Japanese standards, to those who are joining a scion of the imperial family. It is true that Mako, for love, will lose the royal title.

Not only. The princess has decided to waive the compensation as well – valued at around 152 million yen (1.17 million euros) – provided for the women of the imperial house to ensure the maintenance of a dignified life after removal from the family. This would be the first time since the end of the Second World War that the compensation is not paid. Mako, apparently, he does not want to take public money for a union that has split Japanese society, especially for the series of announcements and denials that preceded it. In November 2017, the Imperial Agency announced the official engagement with a wedding in the short term, but a few months later, in February 2018, the program was adjusted due to the lack of adequate preparation for an event of this magnitude. In the Rising Sun many speculated that they wanted to avoid celebrating the union too close to the abdication of Emperor Akihito. Then for 2019 the wedding was postponed again and this time for a less edifying reason: the disastrous financial situation in which Komuro’s mother poured. The woman allegedly went into debt with her ex-husband to cover her son’s school fees. An embarrassing mess for the imperial family, which divided public opinion but did not make Mako give up. At the end of 2020 his father, Prince Akishino, expressed himself in favor of the wedding, putting an end to the perplexities. The wedding will therefore take place in October: the date will perhaps be announced in the press conference that Komuro and Mako will hold at the end of the two-week quarantine imposed on those returning to Japan from abroad.

Apparently, no solemn ceremony is planned. Mako wouldn’t even want to, the Japanese agency said Kyodo, the rites by which princesses usually abandon their dynastic rights and status to marry: no Nosai no Gi, the party with the exchange of gifts between the families of the betrothed and no Choken no Gi, the meeting with the emperor and wife before the wedding. After the wedding Mako will leave the residence in the center of the capital and follow her husband with the tail towards a new life in New York.

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