Cardano opens a fund of 100 million | The news of the Summit

Cardano opens a fund of 100 million | The news of the Summit
Cardano opens a fund of 100 million | The news of the Summit

We had announced it: there would be interesting news al Cardano Summit, the big convention that kept protocol enthusiasts busy over the past weekend.

And let’s talk about a millionaire investment, which will have educational programs on the world of decentralized finance, of the non-fungible tokens and on the use of the blockchain. An important effort for Cardano and – for reasons that we will analyze in detail – also for those who have already invested in this protocol.

A fund to bring Cardano to the center of these 2 sectors as well

Investment that could have a significant impact on the price of $ADA – token that we can also find on the eToro platform (here for those who want to test it in free demo and with all the features) – for an intermediary who also offers automatic staking on this protocol, to earn passive annuities while holding open positions on $ADA.

From the same intermediary we can also find the CopyTrader to copy the best investors or even to spy on what they are doing in real time – ei CopyPortfolios to invest in already diversified crypto portfolios. To go to the real account a minimum investment of 50$.

The new Cardano fund: 100 million to spread DeFi and NFT

The group actually announced the investment Emurgo, which is in effect the trading arm from Cardano, and which guides its adoption on a global scale within these terms. It was perhaps the most important announcement that came during the Cardano Summitconvention which we have already dealt with in detail on the pages of

The investment will cover multiple sectors hot of the blockchain world – to further develop these sectors within the Cardano ecosystem. Let’s talk about non-fungible tokens e decentralized finance – two niches that our readers will have come to know not only for investment purposes, but also for the revolutions they have triggered among collectors, classic finance operators and gamers. The fund will launch a specific corporate section starting from 2022, in a manner that has yet to be made public.

The other announcements within the summit

There was also room for other announcements, such as the partnership con Aid:Tech – which will aim to develop authentication and identity management systems on the Cardano network. Just as the equally important partnership with UBX – company of great importance in the sector and closely linked to UnionBank.

Important collaborations that have sparked new hype within a project which, we remind our readers, has recently switched to a new version of its protocol and which has relatively recently implemented the heart of the DeFi world, namely the smart contract.

Great news: how will this affect Cardano’s price?

Cardano continues to be one of the most cryptocurrencies perky among those with greater capitalization – on the strength of a climate of serenity that has finally been restored and the great interest that the protocol is generating also in the world of finance that matters.

The news that were announced at Summit, from the fund of 100 million dollars, passing through the important partnerships signed – are the basis from which to start again towards quota 3$ – symbolic price which would mean the recovery of one for the entire ecosystem bull run even in the medium term.

Our Cardano forecasts openly embrace this line, with the novelties arriving on the protocol that will in all probability be appreciated on the market not immediately, but during the next bull run for the whole sector.

The link with Bitcoin on the other hand it is strong, at least in terms of price. And it is towards this cryptovalute that analysts will continue to keep eyes. Self $ BTC should actually return above i 45.000$ – also for $ADA we could see a strong bull run, probably of even more important proportions.

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