The Last of Us TV series, Ellie and Joel are identical to the game in the first official photo

The Last of Us TV series, Ellie and Joel are identical to the game in the first official photo
The Last of Us TV series, Ellie and Joel are identical to the game in the first official photo

On the occasion of the The Last of Us Day, Naughty Dog was able to communicate to his fans several news coming not only for the videogame franchise, but also related to the TV series produced by HBO.

The expectation of fans of The Last of Us in seeing Pedro Pascal e Bella Ramsey wear respectively the clothes of the protagonists Joel ed Ellie has been particularly long, but it has finally produced the results with the diffusion of the first official photo.

We remember in fact that the official day to celebrate The Last of Us it’s September 26th: this year Naughty Dog wanted to reveal many discounts and upcoming news, just like the official photo of Joel and Ellie just revealed.

Even the first images from the set had revealed how the authors were working hard to recreate the apocalypse, with settings that seem to come from the PlayStation masterpiece.

Neil Druckmann he therefore wanted to celebrate the The Last of Us Day having the honor of publishing for the first time the photo that portrays the appearance of Joel and Ellie in the TV series.

From the official image, the incredible care that HBO is paying to every single detail is evident once again, to the point that Druckmann himself declared that he had exclaimed that “I’m Joel and EllieAs soon as he saw the actors wearing their costumes.

The first official photo, which you can see below, shows the protagonists seen from behind in front of a beautiful landscape: an image so well cared for that appears to be a screenshot from the first adventure.

Neil Druckmann wanted to take this opportunity to underline how the production of the TV series is progressing well with great speed and how he can’t wait to be able to show more details about the show and other Naughty Dog projects.

This therefore means that we may soon discover further news also on other titles in the pipeline or maybe linked directly to the same universe as The Last of Us.

Obviously we will have to wait a little longer before you see the faces by Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, but the first official image already suggests that the actors will be able to bring the beloved protagonists to life even on the small screen.

Looking forward to seeing the TV series live The Last of Us, there are those who have already imagined what the actors would be like in the game thanks to two fan made posters.

Recall that the developers a few days ago promised that they would actually reveal other news soon, probably related to the expected multiplayer mode of the second chapter.

Meanwhile, fans will also be able to enjoy the official guitars, including a very faithful replica of the instrument used by Ellie.

If you want to find out how Ellie and Joel’s story goes, don’t miss Naughty Dog’s masterpiece, The Last of Us Part II, at an unmissable price on Amazon.

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