#stessobattito, the podcasts of patients and doctors for World Heart Day

#stessobattito, the podcasts of patients and doctors for World Heart Day
#stessobattito, the podcasts of patients and doctors for World Heart Day

On the occasion of World Heart Day Humanitas Gavazzeni has collected in podcast format ten stories of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases and their doctors, to encourage listening to the heart and prevention.

«The wedding year arrives in a flash: it is 2014 and January 5 is the evening of dinner at my parents’ house with my future wife and her family. I’m going to get the pizzas: I’m at the red light when I understand that something is wrong. I lose consciousness, but suddenly I return to life. The defibrillator did its job. Eleven years after having implanted it ». The story of Francesco, with the Brugada syndrome and a defibrillator implanted at the age of 22 in an apparently healthy heart, is just one of those collected by the Humanitas Gavazzeni hospital in Bergamo in the podcast “Same Beat”, presented on the occasion of the World Day of Heart which is celebrated every year on September 29th. Ten stories of treatment to raise awareness and prevention of cardiovascular diseases, encouraging listening to the heart in an unprecedented way. World Day is an important time to focus on the prevention of cardiovascular disease, still one of the major causes of death today.

Same beat: podcasts with the voices of patients and doctors
The “Same beat” project, the son of a history spanning over fifty years that links the Bergamo hospital to heart care, collects in podcast format the stories of Humanitas Gavazzeni patients who tell their own path from the first symptoms to recovery. with the aim of remembering the importance of not leaving one’s heart unheard.

The vascular surgeon Giovanni Esposito

Together with the stories of the patients, told by the actors of the Erbamil theater company in Bergamo, the voices of the doctors in Humanitas Gavazzeni who followed them step by step, always listening to what the heart has to say. Each of them has lent their voice in the podcast, to provide prevention advice and tell from a clinical, but also empathic point of view, the care path of their patient.

“I have chosen to tell you Renzo’s story to tell you about atherosclerosis, more often known as arteriosclerosis, a pathological condition characterized by the accumulation of plaques that are deposited on the internal walls of the arteries and hinder the natural flow of blood – we hear in the testimony of treatment of Dr. Paolo Panisi, cardiac surgeon -. When this pathology affects the arteries of the heart, ie the coronary arteries, there is a risk of heart attack “.

Cardiologist Alessia Azzano

Among the ten patients there is Francesco, entrusted to the care of Dr. Elena Lucca, electrophysiologist of Humanitas Gavazzeni, but also Raffaele, operated for a severe insufficiency of the mitral valve by the “robot of the heart” of Dr. Alfonso Agnino, head of robotic cardiac surgery and invasive by Humanitas Gavazzeni, which in 2019, together with its team, activated a robotic cardiac surgery program, the only Italian case.

“To solve Raffaele’s problem we carried out a complex intervention with the robot – explains Dr. Agnigno – technology that allows us to perform precise and effective interventions in which the extreme accuracy of the robotic hand allows to minimize the trauma of the tissues and, therefore, the recovery time of the patients, making the scars on the chest almost invisible ».

All podcasts will be available from 29 September on the dedicated page of the website www.humanitasgavazzeni.it and on the Spotify profile «Same beat».


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