cinemas, theaters, discos, soon 100% capacity – Il Tempo

cinemas, theaters, discos, soon 100% capacity – Il Tempo
cinemas, theaters, discos, soon 100% capacity – Il Tempo

A breakthrough for the vaccinated and preventive isolation. “We will come to remove the vaccinated from quarantine through a further reduction. It is a moment of attention, we are attentive to infections, then I think it is desirable and common sense to free the vaccinated from quarantines”, says Pierpaolo Sileri, undersecretary of the Ministry of Health.

The quarantine for vaccinated against Covid is not eliminated immediately “because there is always the risk of variants. Vaccination is going very well in Italy, but it is not so in all countries of the world. We will have to reach a higher level of vaccinations. , to protect ourselves from possible variants. At that point, even the quarantines for vaccinated people will first have to be reduced, I guess right away, and then eliminated. ‘former deputy minister interviewed on’ Mattina 24 ‘on Radio 24.

And at school? “On the quarantine of the classes we are waiting for what the CTS says, but common sense will also have to limit the quarantines. Then it will obviously depend on the type of class”.

Sileri explained that “over time, even the mask and the distance will have to be abandoned. It is premature to do it today but it is desirable to do it quickly, compatibly with the circulation of the virus”. “I believe – added Sileri – that we will be able to remove the quarantine of vaccinated people through a further reduction of infections. Things are going very well, but it is a moment of transition. We are attentive to any other variants, let’s observe what will happen in this regard. to infections after having reopened everything, including schools. And then I think it is desirable, and also very common sense, to free those who are vaccinated from quarantines “.

For Sileri “we will not live forever with the green pass, it is temporary and will see an end when the pandemic phase of the virus ends. I believe that 2022 will truly be the year of the turning point”.

The undersecretary underlines an alarming fact: “Over 600,000 surgeries have been skipped due to the Covid emergency”. In short, it is urgent to defeat the covid also to guarantee treatment for all patients.

“In my opinion, a cinema, a theater with the Green pass can also have full capacity. There may be some reluctance on the part of the Scientific Technical Committee and the scientific world. Okay, let’s do it in stages, but we will soon reach 100%” Sileri said again. “The same thing – he added – also applies to dance halls and discos. Maybe in this case we need greater caution, and we need to act more gradually. I believe that a concert with a limited number of people, but all controlled with Green pass is, more than feasible. Maybe we observe the virus trend first 2 or 3 weeks, after the reopening of everything. But if things go well, I think we can lower the handbrake. “

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