Deputies, obliged to accept support even if a common post is still uncovered

Deputies, obliged to accept support even if a common post is still uncovered
Deputies, obliged to accept support even if a common post is still uncovered

Teachers’ substitutions for school year 2021/22: teachers nominated for what was not the first preference indicated, reflect on some inconsistencies in the assignment system.

“I am a lecturer in a class of competition **** who obtained the lectures on cross-rankings on support. But the facts are these … teaching for some years, and being included in the GPS 2 range, I took part in the extraordinary competition held for my region, surpassing it. Unfortunately, however, there are no vacancies in my region.

I then entered 1 additional GPS band and submitted an application as a priority in my competition class and as 2 choice in the supporting cross-rankings. The problem arises from the summons. The assignment of the chair (the only one available at 30 June on ****) went to the only person present in GAE. But at the service the colleague asked for and obtained the teaching at 50% of the hours. However, unfortunately, having made the summons all together, I had to accept support and I could not take the 9 hours left. Among other things, the colleague in GAE gave up after a few days. I state that the support chair is in the same school where I have always taught.

I find it a huge contradiction, to use a qualified teacher and winner of a competition on support, and on the subject to be overcome by those who do not even have a day of class behind them, especially damaging the continuity and growth of the children.”

The legislation

The circular on substitutes of 6 August 2021

“The renunciation of the appointment precludes the remaking of the operations also for another class of competition or type of post.”

This is the starting point to understand why such a “contradiction” can occur.

This principle, if it may seem absurd, however, ensures the necessary didactic continuity now that the lessons have already started a few weeks ago and the assignments of the substitutes are not completed.

If you had to run the system again as if that colleague hadn’t been there, you would not come to the end of anything.

The system, in the second round of nomination, will restart from the first not nominated.

There were instead some doubtful cases, which we have talked about in this article.

But in this case we are talking about teachers who have not had a substitute.

The support post does not have to be a makeshift

The teacher points out an incongruity that should be highlighted: the teacher without specialization works in the support post and the teacher with little experience in comparison to the winner of the competition works in the common place.

But it being understood that the substitution on support should not be thought of as a “fallback”, we agree that it is the programming upstream that is lacking: these inconsistencies can only be remedied with annual specialization courses, which allow to cover the needs of teachers and competitions which are also annual, so as to promptly cover all the positions in the staff with teachers who have completed their studies.

We also approached the issue from a different point of view

Substitutions, teacher cannot leave support from cross-list rankings June 30 for each class of competition

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