Luca Morisi is under investigation for drug transfer: found in the house of the Lega’s social guru. Him: ‘Existential fragility’. Salvini: ‘I’ll help him’

Luca Morisi is under investigation for drug transfer: found in the house of the Lega’s social guru. Him: ‘Existential fragility’. Salvini: ‘I’ll help him’
Luca Morisi is under investigation for drug transfer: found in the house of the Lega’s social guru. Him: ‘Existential fragility’. Salvini: ‘I’ll help him’

Just a few days ago, his farewell as head of the Beast, the machine behind the social profiles of Matteo Salvini, had taken everyone by surprise. Today, Luca Morisi is being investigated by the Prosecutor of Verona for sale and possession of drugs. The communication guru, until a few hours ago at the service of the leader of League, had in his farmhouse in Belfiore, in the province of Verona, a modest amount of cocaine, while three boys stopped dai carabinieri by a routine check last August they were found in possession of one liquid substance tracked down and seized. The three said they had stocked up on drugs from him. And it is precisely on these substances that the investigators are carrying out the necessary checks.

Salvini spoke in the morning on the affair, expressing closeness to his former collaborator with a post on Facebook: “When a friend makes a mistake and makes an unexpected mistake, and Luca hurt himself more than others, first you get angry with him, and bad. But then you reach out your hand, though help him get up. Friendship and loyalty are Life for me. In this photo we were a few years old and a few kilos less, I want to see you again soon with that smile. I love you my friend, you can count on me. All time”. Last Wednesday the news of the step backwards of Morisi himself arrived from the control room of the Beast. News that the person concerned, in a letter to the parliamentarians, had confirmed by speaking of personal motivations.

It is not yet clear what substance it is and the results of the analyzes on the samples collected by the police can make the difference between the commission of a crime or not. In the case, by hypothesis, that it is in fact Gbl, commonly defined “Rape drug”, the sole possession of this liquid would represent a crime. Same thing in case it is Ghb, better known as ecstasy liquida. The situation is different if, on the other hand, it were a matter of another substance, some of which are legal in Italy, which would justify the statements made after the news was released by Morisi who assured him: “No crime”.

One of these is for example what is commonly called Popper: it is a liquid that can be taken by snorting its fumes and available in sexy shop. In the past it has been popular with both club goers, as it could be used for re-accentuate and prolong the effects of other drugs, such as ecstasy, which as a product used a sexual purposes, also being a powerful vasodilator and muscle relaxer.

“This is a trivial fact as far as the judicial authority is concerned. Morisi is registered in the register of suspects for alleged transfer of drugs, the nature of which is still awaiting the outcome of the analyzes “, says the prosecutor of the Republic of Verona Angela Barbaglio. Morisi has not yet been heard by the prosecutor: “I am aware – continues Barbaglio – that the defendant of the suspect has made contact with the pm holder of the investigation – Stefano Aresu, ed – I imagine to talk about the proceedings “. The prosecutor clarified that after what was told by the three arrested with the bottle of liquid substance, during the search in the villa of Morisi “they found a small amount of cocaine for personal use, and this detention constitutes only a administrative offense and not criminal “.

A few hours after the news of the investigations against him spread, the person concerned explained his reasons in a note: “I have not committed any crime – he specified immediately – but the personal story that concerns me represents one serious fall as a man. First of all, I apologize for mine weakness and my mistakes to Matteo Salvini and to the whole community of the Lega, to whom I have dedicated the last years of my work commitment, to my father and my family, to my friend of all time Andrea Paganella alongside whom I started my professional activity, to all the people who love me and myself “. The social media expert then recalled that he “resigned from my roles in the League on 1 September. It’s a very painful moment of my life, he reveals unresolved existential fragilities to which I need to dedicate as much time as possible in the near future, counting on the support and affection of the people closest to me ”.

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