Milan, the suspects rise to 41 for the clashes in the no vax march on Saturday

Milan, the suspects rise to 41 for the clashes in the no vax march on Saturday
Milan, the suspects rise to 41 for the clashes in the no vax march on Saturday

Milano – The number of suspects rose to 41 for iThe No vax procession on Saturday. Three of them, already identified at the end of the protest together with a fourth person, will have to answer for an unannounced demonstration and resistance to a public official for having taken part in the attempt to break through the police cordon in defense of Piazza Duomo; they are two men and a woman (who also suffered a bruise on the head), all with a clean record and not linked to political movements or parties. Others 38 were investigated for crimes of private violence, interruption of public service, unannounced demonstration and instigation to disobey the laws.

So continue to increase the number of reported for the unauthorized events that have been taking place every Saturday in Milan without interruption since 24 July, also to give an immediate signal to those who think they can send a metropolis into a tailspin with impunity. Already in the evening, at the end of the umpteenth outlaw initiative in the center, they had been four anti Green passes identified and reported, thus added to those already targeted in recent weeks for the assault on the 5-star gazebo and for the roadblocks in Corso Buenos Aires.

These are three men and a woman, aged between 30 and 50, none of whom are linked to political movements or parties or to the far right or the antagonist-anarchist area; in various capacities they will have to answer for crimes such as resistance to public officials, private violence, interruption of public service (many tram and bus lines blocked by deniers along the way or diverted from ATM so as not to cross the path of the four thousand in the square) and incitement to commit a crime; at least two of them were in the front rows in Piazza Fontana, facing the cordon of agents and carabinieri placed in defense of Piazza Duomo (where the electoral rally of the FdI leader Giorgia Meloni was in progress in support of the center-right candidate for mayor Luca Bernardo ).

Investigations by Digos investigators, coordinated by head of the anti-terrorism pool Alberto Nobili, have thus led to denounce at least another ten people. The initiative two days ago marked a qualitative leap (in negative) in the modus operandi of No vax: for the first time, in fact, some of the demonstrators lashed out at the police, trying to break through (and succeeding partly at first) lo barrage of policemen and soldiers in riot gear to reach the cordoned off area in the Duomo occupied by FdI militants. Rejected at via Palazzo Reale, the two thousand participants (then rose to four thousand with the passing of the minutes) went back, bypassed the Cathedral and emerged from Corso Vittorio Emanuele, continuing then towards Piazza Scala and giving life to an infinite circle (with an attempted foray into the Gallery) to dribble the armored vehicles.

A change of program with respect to the premises of the eve. Yes, because at the beginning it seemed that the majority of No vax had accepted the idea of ​​not being able to leave towards the Duomo (as happened in the previous nine summer), moving towards via Larga and from there towards Corso di Porta Vittoria. Then, however, from the left side of the square, the one occupied by people with the “Enough dictatorship” sign (the Telegram chat that has more than 44 thousand subscribers), someone started screaming: “Duomo! Duomo!”, stopping those who were going in another direction and actually starting the most violent phase of the demonstration. A change in progress that once again demonstrates how headless and unmanageable the No vax movement is, which from time to time is ready to follow different (pseudo) leaders and that paradoxically manages in this way to do without the “de facto organizers” gradually identified and reported in the last two months.

The mayor Giuseppe Sala, meanwhile, he says without too many words that “so it’s hard to go on”. It is not the first time that Sala complains about the management of public order during the “no green pass” events: he made his voice heard even when the demonstrators blocked the traffic in Corso Buenos Aires, one of the Milanese shopping streets. “Every Saturday is worse, I talked about it yesterday (Saturday, ed) with the prefect and he told me that complaints are increasing “, Sala returns to the charge, adding: “It is clear that on the one hand there are the police forces who are forced to stem these demonstrations, on the other hand the inconvenience for citizens increases because the demonstrators block trams and roads. It is a problem I have no solutions The police first of all wants to avoid accidents in this phase in which we came out of a situation of great tension, however, it is difficult to go on like this. “

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