Google announces a new event on October 5: it’s a surprise

Google announces a new event on October 5: it’s a surprise
Google announces a new event on October 5: it’s a surprise

An unexpected event from Google –

Google comes up with a mysterious event. Appointment for next 5th October. Here’s what awaits us!

An unexpected event from Google –

There are so many leaks that affect the Mountain View giant every year, but the latter has something sublime, unique in its kind. Here with a few weeks in advance, we discover a real gem.

A new Google event like this… out of nowhere

An unexpected Google event that will take place on October 5th comes out of nowhere. The source seems to be an article that appeared briefly in the newspaper CNET(site that publishes articles, blogs and podcasts on technology and consumer electronics) and then quickly removed. But Mishaal Rahman’s XDA Developers he managed to take two screenshots in time and now we have concrete proof of the wrongdoing.

The mysterious event seems to be dedicated to the new models of the Nest line for home automation and to new updates for Google Maps and Travel. So the focus of the news will be mainly on the smart home, on improving interactive maps and a refresh to the travel planning service. Specifically, the new generation of smart speaker, new home safety devices e new features for Google Flights (the online flight booking search service that facilitates the purchase of airline tickets through third-party suppliers).

Nest with the words of Google

“Nest has helped millions of people simplify home security. So when we started thinking about what our next generation of smart cameras and doorbells would look like, we knew we wanted to respond to the newest connected home trends, as well as your needs. This includes smarter alerts, cable-free options for greater flexibility in installation, a further element that contributes to the already essential and environmentally conscious design, as well as greater privacy and security. We wanted our new product range to give everyone the most complete set of smart alerts, all in one place, and to work easily with other Nest products, such as displays. ”

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Written and erased

The article leaked online –

The CNET article in question closed with an explicit reference to the “elephant in the room”, or the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, specifying that they would not appear in the lineup of the event scheduled for October 5. But according to the latest rumors, the presentation of the new Google smartphones will presumably be next October 19th. However, official confirmations are expected.

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As mentioned, the newspaper removed the article shortly after its publication on the net because with great probability whoever wrote it has mistakenly anticipated the times imposed by or simply did not consider the indication to be reliable following publication.

The users on the net, however, are all too attentive and as we have seen, they do not miss anything.

We remind you that you can always stay updated on the latest Android 12 news.

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