Covid data today: Coronavirus infections in Italy and September 27 bulletin

Covid data today: Coronavirus infections in Italy and September 27 bulletin
Covid data today: Coronavirus infections in Italy and September 27 bulletin

Rome, 27 September 2021 – Daily appointment with the bulletin on the Coronavirus in Italia con i data from Ministry of Health e Civil protection its Covid contagion, dead, hospitalizations e terapie intensive. The numbers of the pandemic have been declining in recent days. And even today the number of new cases will most likely decrease, but will be influenced by the low number of swabs carried out in the weekend. So pay particular attention to the number of deaths and the hospital pressure.


“Things are going pretty well – he said Nino Cartabellotta to ‘Radio Cusano Campus’ – for 2 consecutive weeks the weekly cases have been decreasing, and also on the hospital side both ordinary hospitalizations and intensive care are being reduced. We can only attribute to vaccinations this result, which puts us in a better situation than other European countries. “According to the president of the Gimbe Foundation “almost 6 months after reopening, the ‘reasoned risk‘it worked because almost nothing of what was reopened was closed. third dose, is an effective tool. And on the further recall, the Technical Scientific Committee has given the green light to the administration of the third dose to over 80 and ai guests of the RSA and to all health workers, starting with those most at risk.

Covid, 400 thousand interventions skipped in a year

Meanwhile, when there are still almost three weeks left for the decree to come into force green pass at work, the government published the faq that clarified some points: those who receive at home a plumber, an electrician or any other technician for a repair they will not have to check if it has the certificate, while the check will have to be done in the case of maids and carers.

Pfizer, in Bourla: “We will return to normal in a year”

There are still some nodes left, in particular on the capacity and on the forty. We are working on an expansion of the capacity for cinemas, theaters and stadiums on which Matteo Bassetti, director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic of the San Martino Polyclinic in Genoa, expressed himself positively: “I believe that with the Green pass we can reach a capacity of 100% for cinemas, theaters and stadiums, even very quickly”. And today the Technical Scientific Committee for the Covid emergency will meet to express the opinion requested by the Draghi government, which has invited experts to give an indication by 30 September.

Stadiums, Vezzali: “Towards the increase of capacity. But enough with the fans crowded into the corners “

Scientific technical committee which is also called upon to pronounce on quarantines at school. The Undersecretary of Health, Pierpaolo Sileri, on Radio24 he anticipated: “Let’s wait what the CTS will say, but also here the common sense linked to vaccination, and to the work of screening in classes under 12 years old, even with salivary tests, will have to limit quarantines for the classes “.” It will depend – Sileri specifies – on the type of class and on what is the possibility of contact: In smaller classes it is easier for contact to occur and therefore it is more difficult to manage restricted quarantines. While in the classes where there are slightly larger subjects it is clear that everything is simpler because the contacts are more limited “.

We will publish here, as soon as they are available, the updated data from the Ministry of Health and the Pdf table

Numbers slightly up due to the contagion from Covid in Veneto in the last 24 hours: they are 181 new cases registered – number affected by the weekend – which bring the total to 468,124 since the beginning of the pandemic. The incidence on the 12,534 swabs performed was 1.44%. The regional bulletin reports two victims. The current positives are 11,345 (+42). Slight increase in hospital admissions, with 253 patients in the non-critical area (+5) and 55 (+1) in the ICU.

In Tuscany I’m 164 the new cases of Covid detected in the last 24 hours leading to 281,451 infections since the beginning of the pandemic. Unfortunately others register 6 deaths: 5 men and one woman with an average age of 86.5 years. Hospitalizations are on the rise: 334, 13 more than yesterday, of which 50 in intensive care, 3 more. Currently positives are 7,360 today, 7,026 of whom are in isolation at home.

Today in Puglia 6,284 tests have been recorded for Covid-19 coronavirus infection and 57 positive cases. They were also registered two deaths. Currently there are 2,866 positive people, 164 are hospitalized in a non-critical area and 18 in intensive care. Overall, since the beginning of the emergency, the total cases are 268,244 compared to 3,634,267 tests performed, 258,599 people recovered and 6,779 those who died.

Just 10 cases out of 1,380 swabs in South Tyrol, where, however, there is a victim and hospitalizations increase slightly. The positives in Abruzzo there are 8 deaths while 2, in Basilicata there are 15 new cases of positivity, while the deaths are 2. No deaths and no new contagion in Valle d’Aosta. In Sardinia there are 21 cases of positivity, there are two deaths from Covid-19.

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