‘Health, antibody collapse 3 months after vaccination, why the Ausl suspends tests at 6 months?’ – Society

Two documents and one application. Let’s start with the two documents: the first concerns the communication, by the Modena AUSL to its operators, of the outcome, updated in May, of the serological tests on the antibody response carried out on healthcare workers, and which demonstrate how compared to the measured value 25-30 days after the second dose, an average reduction of 62% in the presence of antibodies was recorded after 3 months. The second document, on the other hand, concerns the communication, again by the Ausl, in the month of July, with which the suspension of the six-month tests is formalized, confirming the maintenance of those at 30 days and three months.

The question is the one posed by Franco Giordano, a nurse suspended without salary from the service because he was not vaccinated, to the director of the Ausl: question that concerns the reasons why, despite the awareness of the collapse of antibodies at three months, and in consideration of the eight have already passed since the first complete vaccinations on health professionals, the Ausl has not proceeded to measure the presence of antibodies on currently active personnel. Even suspending the tests at six months. ‘An inconceivable thing’ – Franco thunders. ‘Is this the prevention of contagion in health facilities? In addition to the official data, to which I follow, and which attest to a 62% drop in May, it is clear to think that today many operators have the presence of antibodies reduced to a minimum and in fact at risk of being discovered, just like those who are not vaccinated. . Or even more uncovered, than for example other health workers recovered from Covid, with a high antibody load, but who, not being vaccinated, are equally suspended from work ‘

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