victim of the “return horse”? / Yellow on the company pc

victim of the “return horse”? / Yellow on the company pc
victim of the “return horse”? / Yellow on the company pc

The case of the death of Giacomo Sartori, a 29-year-old computer technician found lifeless on an oak tree on the morning of Friday 24 September, has returned to hold the bench during today’s episode of “Storie Italiane” on Rai Uno. A few days before, a Milano, during an evening in the winery with friends, he had suffered the theft of a red backpack, which contained a computer, perhaps two, in addition to the company phone (whose sim seems to have been found together with the wallet) and also two sets of keys. At 11.30 pm, according to the people who were with him on that evening between 17 and 18 September, Giacomo would have taken his car and at 2.20 he would have arrived at the place where, a week later, he was found lifeless.

Giacomo was alone that night and left the motorway exit of Binasco without paying, as he had no money and could not pay the euro and twenty tolls. He went to that area, located 31 kilometers from Milan and which he did not know, perhaps to reach someone, perhaps following the application of his mobile phone, who had managed to trace his company mobile phone.


Moreover, in the continuation of the live broadcast of “Italian Stories”, the correspondent Edoardo Lucarelli revealed that the Rai troupe suffered a theft of video cameras and work equipment in that very place in recent days. Investigators are working to understand if there is a connection between what happened and the case of Giacomo Sartori.

Investigations are focusing, however, on the hypothesis of return horse: “You give me 200 or 300 euros and I’ll give you back what I stole from you”. As confirmed by the authorities to the Rai Uno journalist, there are criminals who are accustomed to this illegal practice and could be the same ones who stole Sartori’s backpack and, above all, the company computer.



victim return horse Yellow company

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