Ecobonus used cars, on 28 September 2021 the online platform opens

Ecobonus used cars, on 28 September 2021 the online platform opens
Ecobonus used cars, on 28 September 2021 the online platform opens

Let’s talk about Ecobonus again, this time we focus on used cars. As we know, since last year, additional forms of ‘support’ for citizens who want to change cars have been included in the program of incentives for the purchase of new green vehicles in Italy.

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The objective of these incentives turns towards several fronts, on the one hand you want to give a boost to the auto market, which unfortunately is experiencing a very critical moment due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the current semiconductor crisis, which is blocking the production of new cars. On the other hand, there is the need to renew the car fleet and to increase the sale of zero and low-emission vehicles, especially electric and hybrid, but also of those equipped with the new traditional, but more ‘clean’ engines.

The booking procedure for the new incentives will open tomorrow for the purchase of a low-emission used car, granted only to those who decide to scrap an old car. A total of € 40 million has been allocated, the bonus varies from a minimum of € 750 to a maximum of € 2,000. From 10 am tomorrow morning (Tuesday 28 September 2021), it will be possible for all car dealers, as clarified by the Ministry of Economic Development, to access the platform to book incentives for the purchase of vehicles. part of category M1, used and low-emission.

In order to take advantage of the new bonus, the used car purchased cannot be of a class below Euro 6 and must have emissions included between 0 and 160 g / km CO2; moreover, the price based on average market prices must not exceed 25,000 euros. As we have said, it will be possible to take advantage of the bonus only by scrapping a dated car, of the same category as the vehicle that you decide to buy, registered for at least 10 years and in the name of the buyer or cohabiting for at least 12 months.

The contribution paid varies according to the emission band of the used vehicle chosen:

  • 2 thousand euros for emissions between 0 and 60 g / km;
  • 000 euros for the 61-90 range;
  • and finally, 750 euros for the 91-160 g / km range.

Mise has promoted the automotive Ecobonus, as we said at the beginning, to make a contribution to those who want to buy new vehicles with reduced emissions. Incentives that have been extended until 31 December, the conversion law of the Sostegni bis decree has provided for 350 million in fund. At the end of August we had witnessed theexhaustion of the first tranche of available funds, an episode that had sent producers into crisis (there was the risk of about 40 thousand non-registrations). On 2 September the platform was reopened, to access a further 57 million euros of resources (decree published in the Official Gazette on 14 September, also in this case on 16 September the funds were already exhausted). With the next budget law, we are thinking about a refinancing, but nothing is certain.

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