The athletes of the national volleyball teams at Palazzo Chigi. Draghi: “What pride, unforgettable months” – Politics

The 2021 European champions of the women’s and men’s volleyball team came to Palazzo Chigi to meet the Prime Minister Mario Draghi. Also present was the president of Coni Giovanni Malagò. “The thanks of the government and the staff of Palazzo Chigi go to you: Italian volleyball is again European champion, for the seventh time for the men and the third for the women and for the first time at the same time. It is a result which fills us with pride and adds to unforgettable months for Italian sport. By heart, I don’t remember a year like this, truly an extraordinary year “. The Prime Minister Mario Draghi says so.

“In recent weeks you have shown great stubbornness. The Tokyo Olympics did not go as you hoped. But, with the calm and determination that great athletes have, you have found the right reasons to restart. You did not lose heart, you have regained the team spirit. And you returned home with the gold medals, “said Draghi. “We will remember the images of your finals for a long time. You won against your opponents, but also against your fears. The women’s national team overtook the same team that eliminated it at the Olympics in the final. set at a disadvantage, and won at the decisive tie break. You have transformed defeat and difficulties into the basis of your victories. A lesson not only for those who follow you, but for all of us. “

First the samples were received at the Quirinale by Mattarella. “You have emphasized that you have honored the Italian jersey: I confirm this and thank you, as well as for the significance you have attributed to your victories. For the country in recovery, having signs of recovery after the pandemic is of great importance”. This was said by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella.

“It was an extraordinary period for our sport. It didn’t end with the summer and we hope it will continue constantly,” added Mattarella.

“Congratulations to volleyball, for two victories that make the Olympic committee and all of Italy proud”. Giovanni Malago ‘congratulates the blues and blues European champions in volleyball, received by the President of the Republic at the Quirinale. Malago ‘, after participating with various athletes at the inauguration of the school year and the meeting with the Olympic and Paralympic medalists, defined the meeting with Mattarella “a wonderful custom.” Today we are lucky enough to celebrate boys and girls who they have accomplished a unique feat in the history of sport – added the president of Coni – We know very well how there were other expectations from these two teams during the Olympics. Above all for this reason it is even more incredible what happened: sport always gives the possibility to redeem itself, and they did it great. Congratulations to volleyball, to president Manfredi, to coaches Mazzanti and De Giorgi “.

“Victory is the praise of the winner: whoever loses is a failure, only whoever wins has the right to cross the Rubicon and parade in triumph through the streets of Rome. But that’s not what sport is, victory and defeats are the two sides of the same coin “: so Davide Mazzanti, coach of the blue volleyball champions of Europe, speaking at the Quirinale. “A ball that falls a few centimeters further, and your dream is destroyed – continued Mazzanti -. It is sport, stressful and magnificent: for everyone, sport is an effective metaphor, it represents in a small way what it is. defines us in a big way. In this great sporting summer in tricolor, hope is to build a world where gratitude and gratitude do not vanish, beyond the point where the last ball will fall “

Subsequently, the two formations will be received at Palazzo Chigi by the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi.

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