“Don’t baptize her here”: William’s anger breaks out

“Don’t baptize her here”: William’s anger breaks out
“Don’t baptize her here”: William’s anger breaks out

We hoped that the reconciliation between the principe William and her brother was close, however, we must change our minds again. This time the diatribe would have originated from the will of Harry and Meghan to have Lilibet Diana baptized in Windsor, in the presence of Her Majesty. A wish that the Duke of Cambridge would have firmly opposed.

A contradictory attitude

Last June the news of the possibility that the baptism of Lilibet Diana took place in Windsor, according to the trappings of a traditional ceremony. Just as it had happened for Archie on 6 July 2019. The newspapers and followers of the couple found the request rather strange and unlikely: the Sussexes had already left the court for more than a year, they had been deprived of the treatment of royal highness, Prince Harry he had had to renounce military ranks. Furthermore, there had been interviews and declarations of “war” by the dukes against the Crown.

What prompted them to ask to return to London, albeit temporarily and to demand baptism according to those rules that they themselves had rejected and trampled on? Perhaps the desire to appear, to behave like a star, to be the center of attention? At the time the Express cited the opinion that royal expert Ian Lloyd gave Palace Confidential: “One of the things we have to wait and see is whether little Lilibet will be baptized in this country, given the repulsion Sussexes feel towards high-profile events. They might want a low-key event with the Clooney and Oprah in America … It would be nice for the Queen to meet her, for this to be documented and of course for the little girl to wear the dress. baptismo real. It would be a pleasant and diplomatic way to build bridges and have the whole family reunite to celebrate the arrival of Lilibet ”.

These “Bridges” Lloyd talks about will not be built, at least according to what the Express reports. Prince William would have opposed the possibility of Lilibet Diana being baptized in London and her dry no would still be booming through the halls of Kensington Palace.

No English baptism for Lilibet Diana

NBC correspondent Neil Sean, an expert on royal issues, is certain there will be no royal baptism and explains to the Express: “One of the biggest problems Meghan has encountered is the desire for her daughter Lilibet Diana to be baptized in the place where she married with her husband, Prince Harry. Then the baptism of his firstborn Archie took place. This led to a total blockade. Both Harry and Meghan were very eager to make that return and make sure the baptism took place, particularly in front of Her Majesty the Queen ”. Also on the reasons that would move the Sussex Neil Sean is very clear: “Some people might say they’re just making money on their royal bond. Why not? That’s how they make money now ”.

Prince William, however, would have got in the way and his refusal would be unquestionable. After all, the role at court of Duke of Cambridge it is more and more relevant and his will weighs like a boulder. Neil Sean continues: “According to a very reliable source, Prince William was the one who basically said ‘No, we don’t think this will work.’ It wasn’t a particularly good idea ”.

For now Kensington Palace remains silent. No confirmation and no denial. This situation, however, represents a new obstacle on the road to peace that Prince William and Harry were walking, albeit in small steps. It seems that their respective wives even convinced them to resent Zoom. Reconciliation between the children of Lady Diana it looks more and more like a chimera.

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