The “No Green pass Trieste” ready for another event in the center

The “No Green pass Trieste” ready for another event in the center
The “No Green pass Trieste” ready for another event in the center

TRIESTE The “No Green pass Trieste” do not intend to let go. The coordination meets this afternoon to plan another demonstration, similar to those of Saturday morning and last Monday. The city must therefore prepare for another procession with the participation of thousands of citizens. The date has yet to be determined. There is talk of Thursday, but for the moment there are no official confirmations.

No Green Pass: eight thousand people parade along the streets of Trieste

“We meet to define the day and the organization, because the intention is to continue the protest against the government measures,” explains the lawyer Pierumberto Starace, running for the City Council with the 3Vs.

The movement, which sees the young Ugo Rossi as candidate for mayor, together with Alister (an association that fights for the freedom of choice of medical therapies) is one of the souls of the “No Green pass Trieste”.

The 3Vs are therefore the only political abbreviation present in the coordination, an assembly that brings together about 40 citizens that are difficult to identify in one color. There are the disappointed of the Five Stars or people of environmentalist or even anarchist sensibility. A part, again, identifies with an ideology closer to the extra-institutional left. The coordination has contacts with port workers – present at the demonstration on Saturday, similarly to the separatists of the TLT Federation – and with the trade unionists of Trieste Trasporti.

The “No Green Pass”, as in other cities, have organized themselves: they do not yet have a spokesperson, neither a committee nor a collective, but there are those who take care of the flyers, some of the website and some of the chats. There is no seat: they meet in the assembly (so far outdoors, in San Giusto and San Giacomo), in which usually between forty and eighty people take part. «Our common denominator – explains Dario Pacor, 60, an electrician, one of the components of the coordination – is the refusal of the Green pass used as blackmail in the workplace to make the vaccine mandatory. Getting vaccinated or not must be a free choice. We are not “no vax” – he specifies – and not even conspiracy theorists. We are simply a group of citizens opposed to the institutions’ handling of the pandemic. We meet in assembly to discuss. As for the procession we are very satisfied, there were more people than we thought. Frustration and social discontent are widespread ».

No Green Pass, the arrival of the demonstrators in Piazza Unità in Trieste

Starace confirms: «People are now being personally affected by the suspension of salary, this is serious. Taking away the salary is a reduction to slavery. Clearly these are not measures for health protection, we are faced with something else ».

On Friday evening the 3V Movement organizes a rally (it is not yet clear whether in Piazza della Borsa or in Ponterosso) which will continue with a torchlight procession.

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