let’s change the history of our capital – Time

let’s change the history of our capital – Time
let’s change the history of our capital – Time

The Romans deserve a better future than the grillino disaster. A few days before the administrative elections of 3 and 4 October, the president of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi, wrote a letter to the voters of the capital to support the center-right candidate, Enrico Michetti.

Dear electricians, dear voters of Rome, next 3 and 4 October you are called to choose the future of your wonderful city – writes the Cav – Rome is not only the capital of Italy, it is one of the largest cities in Europe and the Mediterranean , is the symbol of our own Christian, European and Western civilization. For this reason Rome and the Romans deserve a destiny and a future different from those to which they have been condemned for so many years of wrong and inefficient administrations that have forced this city to an increasing degradation, culminating in the last five years at the helm of the Five Star Movement “.

“The Raggi administration has unfortunately betrayed the hopes of change of those who voted for it and has accentuated – instead of arresting it – the degradation inherited from twenty years of leftist juntas”, continues Berlusconi who launches an appeal to the voters: “From Your vote today depends on your future, that of your families and your children. The image and prestige of the entire nation in the world also depends, because Rome has a special vocation, as our capital, which involves burdens and
important responsibilities “.

Special city, special powers. “This is why we at Forza Italia have worked over the years to guarantee a special order for Roma Capitale, approved at the time by our government, and we are asking today for a constitutional amendment that defines the status of Rome, guaranteeing the city financial means and online prerogatives. with the other great capitals of the West. And it is always with this conviction that we wanted the European funds to restart after the pandemic – to be used with the greatest attention for the projects of the Capital. But all this must be combined with an administration of the city up to the tasks reserved for Rome, an administration in the name of competence, concreteness, industriousness. For this Forza Italia has agreed to support a candidate for mayor from civil society, a professional of great quality, of considerable administrative experience and moderate training like Enrico Michetti, and the Forza Italia team will be at his side characterized by the best skills to be put at the service of the city “.

“It is a difficult electoral challenge – concludes Berlusconi – but as history teaches us, competitions are won if there is a strong driving force, which represents the home of all moderates. And, therefore, the vote given to the list” Forza Italia – Udc for Michetti ‘is the necessary vote to win, to change the history of our capital. We at Forza Italia, with our candidates, our leaders, our militants are firmly committed to bringing Rome back to being a protagonist in Italy , in Europe, in the world. I will be by their side, every day. Forza Michetti, Forza Roma, Forza Italia! “, reads the letter.

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