No Green Pass parade in Milan, 41 also denounced for tensions with the police

No Green Pass parade in Milan, 41 also denounced for tensions with the police
No Green Pass parade in Milan, 41 also denounced for tensions with the police

At the moment there are 41 complaints that will lead to as many entries in the register of suspects, in the investigation of the Digos and of the head of the Milanese anti-terrorism pool, Alberto Nobili, for the demonstration of the No Green pass last Saturday in Milan. There were moments of tension at the parade because a group of about 1,500 people tried to force the police cordon to access the Duomo area from the Palazzo Reale side, where Giorgia Meloni’s meeting with the mayoral candidate of the center-right Luca Bernardo.

Parades No Green Pass, Sala: “It is difficult to continue with this chaos every Saturday in the center”. Palazzo Marino and the prefecture are studying how to intervene

by Luca De Vito

September 27, 2021

In particular, three people, two men and a woman (who was hospitalized for minor bruises) are accused of resisting a public official because they took part in the attempt to force the police cordon. 38, on the other hand, were denounced for private violence, interruption of public service, incitement to disobey the laws and unauthorized demonstration. However, the work of identifying other people by the investigators continues.

Milan, moments of tension between the police and the No Green Pass that cross the center after Piazza Duomo

by Massimo Pisa

September 25, 2021

In the last march, a more aggressive attitude was found on the part of No Vax and No Green Pass. On Saturday 18 September, other people were reported for unauthorized demonstration and at least two also for private violence and road blocking. 29 people were investigated for the 9/11 demonstration: 15 people including Forza Nuova exponent Marco Mantovani and a couple of far-right militants who were present at the march, accused of unauthorized demonstration and another 14 of private violence, public service disruption and road blocking. For the assault on the 5-star gazebo on 28 August, however, four are accused of attacking the political rights of citizens, damaging and failing to notify the commissioner of a meeting in a public place, while another 8 were investigated for the unauthorized march . Finally, the file on the eight ‘warriors’ (as they called themselves in a chat on Telegram) is also open in the prosecutor’s office in Milan, in which the accusation of instigation to commit a crime is contested.

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