Weather immediately TEMPORALS in the Center South. New deteriorations in the North

First cracks in High Pressure. It is a beginning of the week that is affected by the anomalous heat wave that has affected above all the regions of the Central South and the two Major Islands, where the climatic weather conditions are telling us that the Summer does not yet want to abdicate definitively.

Extremely high temperatures were recorded in Sardinia, in the next few hours we expect maximum values ​​over 30 ° C also in other areas of Southern Italy and Sicily. But the first cracks in the anticyclonic structure are there and are evident, in fact if it is true that during the weekend there was no lack of storms in the northern regions it is equally true that at this moment we are experiencing storm cells in Lazio, Umbria, Marche, in Molise and occasionally in Puglia.

An acceleration of atmospheric instability should take place in the next few hours, in fact, the higher resolution models tell us that the Central South will be targeted by locally intense or even violent thunderstorms.

Attention to the Tyrrhenian coasts: Lazio, Campania, Calabria, Sicily. Areas where real storms could hit, also associated with some hailstorms. Possible intense phenomena also in Puglia. The reason is obvious: the heat, both due to the hot Saharan air and due to the thermal energy released by the Mediterranean, will provide the fuel necessary to sustain the storm clouds.

Clearly better weather is expected in the northern regions and in Sardinia, where, however, temperatures will begin to drop thanks to the intrusion of air from the Atlantic Ocean.

The High Pressure should continue to guarantee atmospheric stability except for the central-eastern Alps, where quite strong thunderstorms will be seen again on Wednesday. Phenomena that, again according to the highest resolution models, could heavily encroach on the flat areas of the Triveneto. Attention, because the accumulations could be significant, it means that even in this case, real storms could fall.


Weather immediately TEMPORALS Center South deteriorations North

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