Calcio C, Imolese best defense in Italy in the last 4 days

Between 0 and 450 there is… Imola. The zero is the one at the box of goals conceded in the last 4 games: a statistic that makes Imolese the first team in Italy at the moment in terms of defensive solidity, given that in professional football no one has managed in the last 4 games played to keep the team undefeated. own door. After all, Gaetano Fontana had since the first official match with Carrarese put the emphasis on the fact that his team had worked above all on defensive movements in the first phase of preparation, the one in which the Imolaese was still incomplete in its staff. That the first goal has been achieved there are not only the numbers to prove it, but also the substance behind the 8 points in the standings: this team has shown that it knows how to suffer when it was needed and then to be in able to quickly overturn the action with Benedetti and Alessandro Lombardi, both exited at distance in Teramo for what is a constant of these first five rossoblù games. What Fontana has done so far is anything but trivial: the Imola area has its own identity and this was certainly not taken for granted thinking of the starting point of a team built in “bites and bites” up to the last corners of a market in which Martone he certainly had no possibility of squandering.

Of course, we are still at the dawn of the championship and what happened in last year’s first round (10 consecutive knockouts after an excellent start) is there as a warning, but the departure of this all new team is making even the most skeptical ones think again. The post game in Teramo, however, gave another number to keep in mind, the one that Fontana pointed out at the press conference, namely the 450 thousand euro budget to build the Imolese. A laughable figure compared to the rest of the championship and a figure (in the Spagnoli era, never, ever a coach would have dreamed of publicly disclosing how much he spent …) that will have to be kept in mind game after game. All in the hope that the 0 currently under the heading “strikers’ goals” will be canceled as soon as possible: in that case, the rossoblù fans will be able to dream even more.


Calcio Imolese defense Italy days

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