Serie A player destroys the Ferrari 488 Pista

Serie A player destroys the Ferrari 488 Pista
Serie A player destroys the Ferrari 488 Pista

Arthur Melo, 25 years old who plays in the Juventus FC team in Serie A, has suffered a car accident with his supercar. It is not the first time that the footballer crashes with a car.

The 2021/2022 football season has started under a bad star for Arthur Melo, the 25-year-old Brazilian who arrived at Juventus in Serie A during the last market session.

With a figure of around 72 million euros, the team coached by mister Allegri has in fact ensured the performances of the former Barcelona, ​​also employed by the Brazilian national team in 21 games where he scored a goal.

Dynamic central midfielder, Melo has strengthened the staff of a Juventus weakened by the farewell of superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. Unfortunately, however, the arrival in Italy does not seem to have brought the player well.

In fact, in recent days – according to the page which also published a photo of the accident – he was involved in an accident with his supercar. And it is not the first time.

A photo of the accident (JuventusNews24.Com)

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The car involved in the collision certainly does not cost little

Arthur Melo – reports an official statement – it would have been very unfortunate: while the player went to the medical center of the club he plays for on the afternoon of 22 September, disaster happened.

The Ferrari 488 Pista di Melo was hit by a vehicle that perhaps he has not respected a stop or a precedence. The car was damaged but luckily, the champion was practically unharmed.

A Ferrari 488 Pista (Wikipedia)

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The car though it is to be brought for repair and the damage does not seem slight: this considering that a Ferrari like that of the player can cost almost 300,000 euros depending on the set-up.

The bad luck seems to haunt Melo since he left his old team: this summer in Spain, the player he would have hit a sidewalk fortunately remaining unharmed.

The car – again the 488 Pista involved in the accident of 22 September – it would have been damaged even on that occasion. In that case, Melo was found positive to the breathalyzer test for a few points.

Let’s hope similar incidents never repeat themselves and that the player can go back to being talked about for his skills rather than on behalf of his coachbuilder.

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