“Vaccinated quarantine reduced immediately and then eliminated”

“Vaccinated quarantine reduced immediately and then eliminated”
“Vaccinated quarantine reduced immediately and then eliminated”

The quarantine for those vaccinated against Covid is not immediately eliminated “because there is always the risk of variants. Vaccination is going very well in Italy, but it is not so in all countries of the world. We will have to reach a higher level of vaccinations, to protect ourselves from possible variants. even the quarantines for vaccinated people will first have to be reduced, I guess right away. This was stated by the Undersecretary of Health, Pier Paolo Sileri, interviewed on ‘Mattina 24’ on Radio 24. Sileri explained that “over time, even the mask and the distance will have to be abandoned. It is premature to do it today but it is desirable to do it quickly, compatibly with the circulation of the virus “.

“I believe that we will come to remove the quarantine of the vaccinated through a further reduction of infections. Things are going very well, it is a moment of transition. We are attentive to any other variants, we observe what will happen with regard to infections after having reopened everything. , including schools. And then I think it is desirable and also very common sense to free those who are vaccinated from quarantines “.

Between 2020 and 2021 “over 600 thousand surgeries have been skipped due to the Covid emergency”, added Sileri, updating the data of the alarm launched by the Italian Society of Surgery which for 2020 reported 400 thousand surgeries and 1 one million and 300 thousand hospitalizations less than in 2019. Sileri announced, shortly, a table “that will make a review and calculation of the high performance in order to be able to plan. And new resources will be introduced”.

The numbers of skipped interventions for Covid, therefore, “are even greater than the estimate of the Surgery Company, because this is the 2020 count, but there is also a slowdown for 2021. The review is being completed to understand the number exact but it is a figure higher than 600 thousand. In fact, not only the interventions for benign pathology have been skipped, but also a part concerning more serious pathologies, the so-called class A interventions that must be carried out in a specific time between which, unfortunately, also oncological pathologies or transplants “.

The Ministry of Health, Sileri recalled, “last year made a plan and injected resources for 700 million euros to deal with this accumulation of missed services”. The undersecretary also recalled that this is not just an Italian problem, in the world an international study counts “over 25 million surgeries missed in the first three months of the pandemic alone”.


Vaccinated quarantine reduced immediately eliminated

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