offers with prices locked up to 30 months

offers with prices locked up to 30 months
offers with prices locked up to 30 months

Foggia Today
September 26, 2021 7:05 pm


Amgas Blu and the other companies of the Hera Group remain at the side of their customers, companies and individuals, to help them contain their electricity and gas bills, with a range of possibilities also available to those who want to become a new customer and which is added to interventions envisaged by the Government.

First of all, those who have already signed fixed price offers with Amgas Blu, the electricity and gas sales company of the Hera Group, will be protected from the increases. These rates guarantee prices lower than the market ones and, thanks to the blocking of the energy component for a period of up to 30 months, they protect the bill from future rises.

Even those who have not yet chosen the fixed price offers of Amgas Blu can join this initiative and thus contain the expected price increases. There are two solutions from which you can choose: Zero footprint (with prices of the energy component blocked for up to 30 months and which eliminates carbon dioxide emissions) or Age Plus (for those over 65, which in addition to blocking the energy component for 24 months a discount proportional to age and a health policy).

To choose the offer that best suits your characteristics, you can go to the counters or contact the Amgas Blu Customer Service (800.126.465, active from Monday to Friday from 8 to 20 and on Saturday from 8 to 18). “Customers have always been at the center of our activities: their protection and safety are a priority for us – says Cristian Fabbri, Central Market Director of the Hera Group – In view of the expected increases in the bill, we wanted to further strengthen this commitment: reassuring those who have already signed up to fixed-price offers with us and facilitating a possible switch to this solution, which is also open to new customers. All our electricity and gas proposals are designed to offer a range of solutions tailored to different requests and needs, while always maintaining a high quality of service.”.


offers prices locked months

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