Maria De Filippi chases the tronista Joele Milan

Maria De Filippi chases the tronista Joele Milan
Maria De Filippi chases the tronista Joele Milan

The 26-year-old from Veneto invited to leave the program by the hostess.

Today, Sunday 25 September 2021, the nnew episodes of Men and WomenAnd. Give her advances, spread by the Vicolo delle News, the tronista Joel Milan was invited to leave the program by the hostess Maria De Filippi.

Men and Women, anticipations Maria De Filippi hunts Joele

The 26-year-old from Veneto, convinced that he was not heard by the editorial staff, dancing with the suitor Ilaria, nominated his best friend to the girl, inviting her to follow him on social media so he could hear in secret. An agreement that the De Filippi who brought down all the suitors and after exposing the fact, invited Joele to leave.

Really a bad ending for the throne of Joel Milan. Twenty-six years old, originally from Mirano, in the presentation clip he had declared that he had only fallen in love once and that he had discovered, after three years of relationships, a betrayal by his girlfriend with his best friend. However, statements denied by the ex-girlfriend who on social media, immediately after the presentation video, said: “Me, you and those who lived there know the truth. It is certainly not this, but for the popularity you do this and more. You are the disappointment of my life and the greatest lack of respect for me and my family that has you treated like a son and never made you miss anything, even when you deserved it in these 7 years. I wish you the best, good life. “

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Maria Filippi chases tronista Joele Milan

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