the lava ‘engulfs’ the church of Todoque [VIDEO]

the lava ‘engulfs’ the church of Todoque [VIDEO]
the lava ‘engulfs’ the church of Todoque [VIDEO]

The volcanic eruption began on 19 September in the area of Old Summit, on the island of La Palma, caused the evacuation of nearly 6,000 residents and around 400 damaged or collapsed buildings and infrastructure in one week. Following the progress of the ash removal operations, La Palma airport resumed its operations after 24 hours of closure, although the airlines have decided to still keep the canceled flights to avoid risks. Meanwhile, the lava emitted by the volcano had slowed its speed Saturday afternoon after an increase occurred on Friday following the collapse of the upper part of the volcanic cone. There are currently at least three simultaneous emission points in the crater and the two points that appeared Friday at the base of the cone, on its mantle, have merged into a single emission point.

It is news this evening, however, that the lava has returned to advance in the inhabited center of Todoque, destroying the church in the city center. The magmatic material had become stuck in the locality, reached on 21 September, but has now begun to advance rather quickly.

The eruption has therefore intensified again. Experts say that due to the weight the cone can collapse completely. The Volcanological Institute of the Canary Islands (Involcan) reported that the deformation recorded by the Canarian geodetic network in the last 24 hours shows a process of deflation, which would indicate a decrease in pressure in the Cumbre Vieja magma system. The ash-covered area extends over 1,314 hectares, according to the latest measurements from the European Earth observation satellite system, Copernicus.

The eruptive process over time has shown episodes of increased explosive activity that can recur, even if the seismicity continues at modest levels, although the possibility of seismic events felt by the population is not excluded. Meanwhile, long-lasting tremors, associated with explosive activity, continue to be recorded, while the occurrence of acid rain in the next few hours is excluded.

Eruption in the Canaries: the lava flows quickly again and destroys a church [VIDEO]


lava engulfs church Todoque VIDEO

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