“I go ahead with or without a uniform for the love of my country” – Corriere.it

“I go ahead with or without a uniform for the love of my country” – Corriere.it
“I go ahead with or without a uniform for the love of my country” – Corriere.it

I chose my profession because I believed it wasn’t there nothing nobler of guaranteeing the safety of every citizen, so that anyone was free to express their true self. If this I am denied, my trade does not it makes more sense. Always go on, with or without uniform, for the love of my country. So in a post on Facebook in which she added: it is nice to learn from the newspapers, rather than from one’s own administration, that I am already under disciplinary proceedings – writes Schilir – I am very serene. Yesterday I had the opportunity to exercise my rights under the Constitution and I did. The job that I carry out public. I have received four civil society awards for my professional achievements. I have been on many television shows representing the administration. Google devotes many pages to my profession. Yesterday I was just a free citizen exercising her rights. If the administration does not like my fidelity to the Constitution and to the Italian people, I’m sorry, it will go on anyway.

I am very serious for the Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese the statements of the police officer from the stage of the no green pass event even if made by a free citizen. The owner of the Interior Ministry follows the story personally with the head of the police Lamberto Giannini, so that the responsibility under every legally relevant profile for the person concerned.

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Meanwhile, the spokesman forNational Association of Police Officers Girolamo Lacquaniti explains that Schilir for consistency, he should stop serving a state in which he does not seem to believe in uniform and, coherently, to follow the paths that she deems most convenient for herself and for others to continue and pursue her personal convictions. He harangued the same crowd from which a group of troublemakers broke away and used his words while attacking policemen and carabinieri on duty. And furthermore, we note and contest that after having said to speak as a simple citizen, she repeatedly reiterated her belonging to the police, addressing them and recalling them as if they were not conscious and capable of interpreting their constitutional obligation. The official, concludes Lacquantiti, who like us swore on the Constitution, should remember that the guarantor of the Constitution the President of the Republic, and to have respect and attention for the words of those who, by constitutional law, represent national unity.

Also critical of what Schilir said and did Enrico Borghi, security officer of the Democratic Party: In a normal country, a deputy chief of the state police enforces the laws, does not go up on stage to make a fourth-rate rally that instigates insubordination and invokes non-compliance with the laws. a slap to the police. Measures, please. Of the same opinion Licia Ronzulli, vice-president of the Forza Italia group in the Senate, who hopes for an intervention by Minister Lamorgese to suspend the deputy commissioner from the position she holds and which she is clearly unable to honor, because whoever has to enforce our laws cannot suggest violating them. Solidarity with Schilir, on the other hand, from the MEP Francesca Donato she was invested with a free citizen and intervened in defense of constitutional legality. The disciplinary action confirms the validity of his complaint.

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