Marida Lombardo Pijola, the journalist of Il Messaggero and successful writer died: she was 65 years old

Marida Lombardo Pijola, the journalist of Il Messaggero and successful writer died: she was 65 years old
Marida Lombardo Pijola, the journalist of Il Messaggero and successful writer died: she was 65 years old

“Congratulations, you wrote a beautiful piece.” Thank you, I will send your compliments to my colleague Marida Lombardo Pijola. You know, Lombardo Lombardi, they often confuse us. How many compliments ended up in the wrong number in the editorial office. “Marida, another guy called, he wanted to tell you that you moved him.” It was always like this with Marida’s pieces, blades or caresses, arrows or lightning, it was impossible not to feel her between those lines, she put all her soul, her passion, always. But how does it do it? We asked ourselves many times. To choose words that dig inside, to drag you to the end, always leaving an image, a tear, a thought, a smile. Sometimes it was a light dance, his writing, sometimes a whirlwind of emotions. However it may be a gift, for those who read it, and many called to thank, “you wrote a beautiful piece”.

Special correspondent and writer

For 30 years the pieces of Marida Lombardo Pijola, special correspondent and writer who died yesterday at the age of 65 after a long illness, were on the front page of Messenger. And she, here with us, beautiful and generous, you could feel her smile coming. In via del Tritone since the mid-eighties, after the first experiences on TV, in his own Bari, and then to the Quotidiano di Puglia. It immediately became one of the most prestigious signatures of the Messenger, she told of judicial news, of the fight against the mafia (she was a friend of Falcone and Borsellino), she wrote about politics and the most important cases, from the maxi-trial in Palermo to the murder of Cogne and that of Sarah Scazzi. The investigation on the “cubist baby” bears her signature, a battle for her, a national case, which became a book for months among the best sellers (since 2007, 17 editions) “I’m twelve years old, I’m a cubist, they call me Princess”.

Marida dealt, for the newspaper, with family, femicides, women, children, adolescents, prisons: she put all her expertise and her extraordinary sensitivity into it. So much so that in 2010 it was convened by the Bicameral Committee for Children to report its inquiries on the condition of minors. And he never stopped writing books, in 2009 the novel “L’età indecente”, and in 2011 the investigation book “Facciamolo a skuola”, last year a new novel, “The imperfection of mothers”. But how does she do it ?, we wondered seeing her spinning – sometimes out of breath – between arrivals and departures, as a correspondent, and the commitments of Alessandro’s mother, Andrea, Luca and Niccolò (son of her husband Carlo), books, TV broadcasts (she hosted “Family affairs” on Rai 3, she has been a columnist on the main talk shows for years). Tireless, Marida, her heart raced faster than her. Those who have known, read and admired it will call again, here at the newspaper, to say thank you.


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