the neomelodic stage of the mafia

the neomelodic stage of the mafia
the neomelodic stage of the mafia

PALERMO – It is the neo-melodic declination of the Cosa Nostra. At the Acquasanta what has already been seen in other districts of Palermo is repeated. There is the mafia behind the township parties, which represent an opportunity to show strength.

Strong for what? To sit in the front row pompous to enjoy the concert of the “star” on duty or to authorize street vendors to sell beer and sweets. The mafia today in Palermo is this. On the one hand there are the mafia potentates, such as the Fontana who, as the newly repented Giovanni Ferrante tells us, until a few months ago received the shoulder pads in Milan with 60 thousand euros a month between property rentals and collections from betting agencies.

On the other hand there is the misery of a mafia who earns a handful of euros on street vendors and needs the raffle to cheer the people, distract them from becoming aware of their condition of degradation, and organize shows in the arena of neo-melodic music. Yet this mafia, despite everything, continues to regulate the life of a large section of the population.

A fraudulent mafia if necessary. TOAt the Acaquasanta it happened that two winners of the draw for the first prize showed up, a Vespa. And the boss Ferrante decided that both of them would go home on foot. It was just one of the unforeseen events of the party set up in via Montalbo where strength manifests itself in the place of honor that it takes care of: “… let’s say people paid for the ticket to have the seat there in the front row to follow Rosario Miraggio”.

Or Gianni Vezzosi, who in the end did not go on stage. Eight days before the organizer “calls and says to cancel the last day of the party because he could not send the singer anymore because he says that the singer had made other commitments and could not cancel …”.

What a pity, says Ferrante, “in the meantime we to collect the money for this day of celebration, the committee asked me if I could help him make these raffles”. Without Vezzosi it was a fiasco. It was worth the reputation of the boss, the organizer ”Gaetano Corradengo had done great to do this thing and he made us pay for the damage. So what do I do, as he did not want to, did not hear from me or from Passarello anymore, in Passarello he no longer answered the phone, completely. I told us you go to Corradengo and you tell him either he sends us the singer or he takes three thousand euros and he sends them to me for the damage he has done that we give them to the committee ”.

In the end, the expenses of the evening had to be paid out of their own pockets. Corradendo, however, deserved a punishment: “In the evening I made us burn in the car to Gaetano Corradengo, the same evening, he had a 500, but I don’t remember who I sent him to, in any case it was I who made him burn it ”. The mafia at the neomelodic stage shows its muscles.

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