“Here’s what didn’t go on the air”, shocking images – Libero Quotidiano

“Here’s what didn’t go on the air”, shocking images – Libero Quotidiano
“Here’s what didn’t go on the air”, shocking images – Libero Quotidiano

The authors of the Fhe will go they covered up and hid sexual abuse against Dayane Mello. The accusation is from the same entourage of the Brazilian model, who after the disqualification of the singer Nego do Borel has issued a very harsh statement against on social media RecordTv and the reality show, disclosing gory details about the harassment that would turn into a real prolonged sexual assault.

After days of vibrant and scandalized protests on social media, Record Tv came to the decision to oust Do Borel, who had taken advantage of Mello, a former competitor of the Big Brother Vip very famous also in Italy (and it is no coincidence that Italian fans have pressed and are still pressing to get her out of Brazilian reality). What the authors’ statement, decidedly bureaucratic and very embarrassed, did not underline, however, is the attitude taken by Do Borel, which would have gone far beyond the “inconvenient” advances.

The Mello staff points out that the authors have deliberately downplayed the fact that Do Borel took advantage of the model while the latter was “obviously drunk”. Emblematic scenes would also have been censored, such as the one that saw Dayane so drunk that she had to be helped by 4 people to get dressed. In conclusion. Completely unable to understand and want, and therefore exposed to the insane attentions of the Brazilian singer.

Moreover, with a shred of clarity left in her body, Mello had repeatedly prayed to Nego di stop it. The singer, not paid, would then have talked to the other competitors about his “sexual performance“. Last, very serious accusation: Mello would have been denied the right to report what happened in the house as not foreseen by the contractual link with the show.

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Heres didnt air shocking images Libero Quotidiano

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