What about the flu? “Better to administer it after two weeks”

What about the flu? “Better to administer it after two weeks”
What about the flu? “Better to administer it after two weeks”

The first doses of the flu shot arrived last week and although the campaign for over 65s and other people at risk will only start on October 15, there is already someone who, with a medical prescription, gets to buy it at the pharmacy: “We are talking about active people – explains Ernesto De Amici, president of the Bergamo Order of Pharmacists -, those to be clear that last year were excluded because the vaccines never arrived ». Today, however, it is already available: it is a tetravalent vaccine, which covers four different strains of flu, and costs around 16 euros. “Many ask for information on whether to do so even if you are vaccinated against Covid – says De Amici -: the indications are to let at least 15 days pass from the anti Covid vaccine, but it is really only a precaution because there are no contraindications in merit. Indeed, science would say that they could also be done at the same time, but as a precaution it is better to let a few days pass, so that if an allergic reaction were to occur, it would be known which of the two vaccines to attribute it to “.

At the moment, pharmacies do not administer flu vaccines, but in the future they could do so, subject to a specific course validated by the Higher Institute of Health and a national protocol that establishes procedures and methods


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