Apple Watch 7: Secret communication module discovered

Apple Watch 7: Secret communication module discovered
Apple Watch 7: Secret communication module discovered

The new generation of Apple Watch, presented by Tim Cook during the last Apple event, will arrive on the market only in the fall, but it is already talking about itself. The MacRumors newspaper has in fact detected, within the legal documentation relating to the new Apple smartwatch, the presence of an unspecified communication module with a frequency of 60.5 GHz for wireless data transmission.

This mysterious communication module is also designed for communication with a magnetic dock also owned by Apple, currently not yet registered under license. The communication between the two components should take place via magnetic coupling and the dock would be powered via the USB Type-C port. Here is an excerpt from the documentation filed by the Cupertino house for the approval of the marketing of the new device by the FCC, the authority responsible for communication in the United States:

The hypotheses endorsed by the newspaper on the nature of this feature, however, leave little room for imagination: it is very likely that the 60.5 GHz transmitter mounted on Apple Watch 7 is in fact reserved for the exclusive use of Apple Stores, in order to restore the devices. in the store at the end of the day or to carry out diagnostic checks if the smartwatch needs assistance.

From this last possibility, therefore, a substantial difference would leak between the new Apple Watch and previous generations of Apple Watch, in which there was a hidden door dedicated to diagnostics. By accessing this section of the smartwatch, cleverly hidden near the strap, you discovered a hidden connector, different from the Lightning connector, which technical assistance uses to extract device data and recharge it in an emergency. This discovery initially bode well for the creation of third-party accessories able to take advantage of the extra connector, but it ended with nothing.


With Apple Watch 7 and its wireless communication module, the company therefore seems to be heading in the direction of an increasingly wireless future, as well as discouraging the most fearless users from carrying out a curious procedure, but which jeopardizes the integrity of the devices. .

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