Achille Colombo Clerici “Cadastre, a wrong reform”

Achille Colombo Clerici “Cadastre, a wrong reform”
Achille Colombo Clerici “Cadastre, a wrong reform”

According to Nadef – an acronym that indicates the Update of the Document of economics and finance fundamental in tracing the country’s economic policy for the year to come – real estate evasion exceeded six billion euros in 2018. The main ‘voices’ are made up of Imu and rent in black: but we add the ghost houses, or rather former ghosts as they are ascertained with aerial surveys, totally unknown to the tax authorities, about 1.2 million units. The Nadef report on the underground real estate economy estimates that the IMU actually paid was 13.9 billion instead of 18.8 billion, thus subtracting 4.869 billion from the state and municipalities, over a quarter of the national revenue. This type of escape sees Calabria in first place (46.3%) while the most virtuous region is Emilia Romagna (15%). Of course, local factors have an impact: the efficiency of the administrative machinery and emigration, which has transformed the main home into a ‘second home’. In addition, 266 million from Tasi and 695 million from Irpef due to unlawful rents, and the presumed income from ghost houses so far discovered but not yet subject to taxation. Total, therefore, over 6 billion.

But the cadastral reform, consisting in the replacement of the current valuation criterion of estimates based on revised annuities by multiplying coefficients with the criterion based on market values ​​per square meter, has nothing to do with the recovery of tax evasion and ghost real estate. We all agree that evasion must be eradicated, and our legal system is already equipped with the tools for this. It is a question of making them efficient, of perfecting them and, if anything, of acquiring other specific tools. As for the issue, on which some delude themselves into being able to pay less taxes, concerning the “inequalities” between some old stacked properties in city centers, which would have taxable values ​​lower than those of more recent peripheral properties, we consider that the constant process of building redevelopment in progress, bringing with it the automatic revaluation of annuities, has greatly reduced the inconsistencies. In any case, the law provides for the revision tool by micro-zone, already implemented, among other things, in large cities such as Milan and Rome. Refine and update that tool. And let’s not forget that the effects of the pandemic, still ongoing, on the real estate market have not yet been seen. While the values ​​go down and down, thinking about the cadastral reform, which will give rise to a significant increase in the tax levy on real estate, as is the intent of the European Commission, is not a sign of wise economic policy.

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Achille Colombo Clerici Cadastre wrong reform

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