intimate disaster, we end up in court – Libero Quotidiano

intimate disaster, we end up in court – Libero Quotidiano
intimate disaster, we end up in court – Libero Quotidiano

We go to the Elysée by legal means. The French president Emmanuel Macron and the first lady Brigitte they decided to report a paparazzo for violation of privacy. The photo in question is the one taken by Thibault daliphard and exhibited in front of the Presidential Palace together with those of the other former presidents on vacation. According to reports from the French radio Europe 1, for Macron and his wife it would even be “a provocation, hence the decision to file a complaint”. In reality, at stake is not only the exposure of the private and intimate shot “to public mockery”, a sort of putting the “hidden” side of the powerful into the streets, but the very nature of that paparazzi. In the summer of 2017, the photographer was accused of having broken into the Macron couple’s residence, during a short vacation in Marseille. On that occasion Daliphard had been denounced for harassment and violation of privacy, even if the lawsuit was later withdrawn.

For Macron it is not a quiet time. In addition to the controversy over the NATO seat triggered by an interview (later denied) by the Italian Sandro Gozi, Renziano and Macroniano, there is also the challenge in view of the reconfirmation at the Elysée launched not only by Marine Le Pen, but also by Anne Hidalg, the socialist mayor of Paris on the launch pad. In his program, “a project that will give space to all the creativity, generosity and desire for inclusion of the French. One project says it will put the country resolutely on the path of reconciliation, security, social justice and even climate justice” . “I want all children to have the chance that I had. I am a candidate to offer a future to children, to all our children,” was one of her first statements as a candidate for president.

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intimate disaster court Libero Quotidiano

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