German elections, SPD wins with 25.7%

German elections, SPD wins with 25.7%
German elections, SPD wins with 25.7%

The SPD won the 2021 elections in Germany. All the votes counted, the Social Democratic Party wins, by a small margin, ahead of the CDU / CSU bloc. According to the results of the federal electoral office, the SPD won 25.7% of the votes, the best result in years, while the Union stops at 24.1%, at an all-time low. The Greens come out of the vote with a historic 14.8% of the votes, ahead of the Fdp, at 11.5%. The Afd collects 10.3% of preferences, Linke stops at 4.9%.

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Linke, albeit below the 5% threshold, still remains represented in the new Bundestag because it gets three direct mandates. This was reported by Bild, according to which the far left party has obtained at least three direct mandates in the complex German electoral system which is a mixed, proportional system with a majority component.

There will be 735 seats in the new Bundestag, Bild underlines the day after the vote, recalling that in the previous legislature there were 709 parliamentarians. Due to the complex German electoral system, before the results of the vote, analysts had envisaged the possibility of an even larger new Bundestag, with even more than 900 deputies.

The polling stations in Germany opened yesterday morning at 8 and closed at 18: around 60.4 million Germans were called to the polls to renew the Bundestag through two votes: one – with a single-member method for the election of 299 parliamentarians , the other – according to a proportional system with a threshold – to choose a political party from among the 47 lists in the running, few of which are destined to exceed the 5% threshold required to enter parliament.

The vote, which marks the end of the ‘Merkel era’, the chancellor at the helm of governments in Berlin for the past 16 years, was preceded by months of fluctuating polls.

In Berlin Franziska Geffey leads SPD to victory

In Berlin, the Social Democrats of the SPD won the elections for the renewal of the local parliament. The SPD and candidate Franziska Giffey obtained 21.4% of the votes, as announced by the electoral commission at the end of the counting of the votes. At the Verdi by Bettina Jarasch, 18.9% of the votes, while the CDU stops at 18.1%. Followed by Linke, with 14% of the votes, the Afd with 8% and the Fdp with 7.1%.


German elections SPD wins

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