alcohol, illness, fights and theft. “Night out of control” –

alcohol, illness, fights and theft. “Night out of control” –
alcohol, illness, fights and theft. “Night out of control” –

The first call to 118 is at 10:18 pm. “Injury”. Girl, 15, a scooter fell on her foot. A few minutes later the ambulance is in via Commenda. And the doctors realize that there, in the whole area around via Corridoni and the “Leonardo” high school, between Piazza Cinque Giornate, the court and the ring road, it will be a “complex” evening. At least two thousand kids. Many already stagger and throw up, scream and drink. Many arrived before 9pm, already with the bottles bought in the local markets: “There was a queue of us of the Leo tight outside the market “, says B., 14 years old. Others bought at the stalls set up in the street and managed by the older high school students: 2 euros for a can of beer, 4 euros for cocktails. «We had organized everything well, it seemed like a way to make friends. But many have arrived, they seemed thousands, aged 14 and up, from schools all over Milan. At 10 pm the cans were already finished, only the glasses with the shottini“. It started off via social media as «the party of Leo». The immensity has swelled. And it is degenerate.


At 22.21 another call to the ambulances

: via Respighi, two girls (14 years) and a partner (17) in “Ethyl poisoning”. At midnight two other 15-year-olds collapse to the ground, one injures her head. The Areu station is inundated with calls. A girl says: “They stole a girl, dropped her, trampled her. And one, since he was unconscious, started kissing her. In the end, his friend noticed it and they led each other ».

The rescue

Ambulances have a hard time getting through. They go for one person and in the crowd they have to look for him and help others. And calls to police and carabinieri are also multiplying. Another story: «They were stealing wallets, a boy next to me was punched. Another friend of ours got the necklace ripped off. Some of our friends have left but the situation has degenerated, we wanted to leave and at that point we could not even if we were afraid. At 11.46 pm new request for help from via Conservatorio, for a fight. The local police start running around the area to manage groups of drunk kids swarming the streets. “A lot of police arrived but they couldn’t do much, because we were too many and all drunk, the ambulance people didn’t even understand well who needed help – says A., from Severi high school -. A friend of mine got beaten up and didn’t do anything“. At 00.17, a 16-year-old boy attacked in San Babila. At 00.25, two other 15-year-olds passed out on the ground in via Corridoni, because they were too drunk. A mother living in via Donizetti: «I was coming home shortly after midnight. Shortly before the court we see groups of boys sitting on the ground, they seemed completely drunk, in Corso di Porta Vittoria there was a flood of children, even small ones, and so in all the neighboring streets. Towards Via Donizetti stinks of vomit everywhere, some boys in sexual approach behind the cars, the sirens of the ambulances, the cell phones that did not take. It seemed like some kind of collective madness. Under the house still at 2 in the morning there were teenagers lying on the ground ». To summarize the atmosphere of the wild nights of Milan in the low pandemic phase are a couple of law enforcement officers on duty the other night: “It looked like a New Year’s Eve.”

The closed premises

The other side of the mega impromptu parties are the historic venues that continue to violate any anti Covid protocol. After the “inspections” (which led to suspensions of the activity in recent days) at theHollywood e al The Club, at dawn yesterday the local Police Antonaria entered the other most famous nightclub in Corso Como, the Tocqueville. They found 280 people, mostly young and very young, who danced and did not wear masks, nor respected distancing. Similar blitz (and same outcome) to the private Banana Club in via Pestagalli, in Rogoredo. Premises closed for five days. The formula for circumventing the rules in discos is the same in many other places, in addition to those mentioned, for example at the Nephenta, in Piazza Diaz. Admission 40 euros for the table (payable only in cash), the evening starts after midnight. In the form you do not enter for a normal night in the disco, but with the tour of the “pr” you book a table as if it were a bar. Green passes are often “cloned” into photos that run on mobile phones.

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alcohol illness fights theft Night control Corriereit

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