the difficult story to Verissimo

the difficult story to Verissimo
the difficult story to Verissimo

Claudio Amendola spoke with an open heart about the disease that, since 2015, has kept his wife Francesca Neri away from the set. TO very true the actor explained how the woman in his life suffers from an unclear disease, “one thing you can’t recognize”As he defined it to Silvia Toffanin’s microphones. His support for his wife proved invaluable: “That was what I had to do“.

Claudio Amendola and the illness of his wife Francesca Neri

Claudio Amendola spoke for the first time about disease that hit his wife Francesca Neri, and did it to the microphones of very true.

The couple, romantically linked since 1998 and married in 2010, has had to deal with the actress’s difficult health conditions in recent years. An evil that forced her, in 2015, to disappear from the sets and to abandon their professional commitments to devote themselves to care.

He’s struggling, but he’s fine“, Said Claudio Amendola. “Struggle, she fought with herself, with his physique and his body. When you are a very intelligent person, you can find even in illness a reason to seek strength and then feel good.

Try to understand why“.

Claudio Amendola: “Ours is a great love story

Claudio Amendola tells the details of this pain that hit his wife: “An unclear disease, something you cannot recognize, a physical difficulty in living the days“. Francesca Neri talked about her illness in a book, which she will shortly present. A real act of courage, as the actor defined it: “She will talk about her book in which she tells this. I read it and cried a lot, with joy and pain.

A very great demonstration intelligence, sensitivity and great courage, because the story that Francesca tells of the last years of her life is a very courageous thing“.

The actor reveals that he has always been by his wife’s side in these last, complicated years: “It was my job, and it was what I had to do. It was much more difficult for her“. And he concludes this difficult part of the interview with a romantic statement towards his Francesca: “Ours is a great love story“.

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