“Referee and VAR made mistakes, they weren’t up to the match. A few mistakes, but we were the best on the pitch”

“Referee and VAR made mistakes, they weren’t up to the match. A few mistakes, but we were the best on the pitch”
“Referee and VAR made mistakes, they weren’t up to the match. A few mistakes, but we were the best on the pitch”

In the post game of Lazio-Rome, spoke Jose Mourinho.

José Mourinho to DAZN

What did he say to the team after the match?
“It remains between us. I wanted to make the speech immediately on the pitch, but it is as if it had been in the locker room ”.

The first 20 minutes and the 2-0 episode?
“First of all, I say something positive: Italian football has improved a lot since my last experience. The quality of the game, the desire to win, but unfortunately the referee and the Var were not up to par for this match. The referee made a mistake on the pitch, the Var made a mistake wherever they are. This is too much. Then Leiva misses the second yellow. Pellegrini was given the red, today nothing in two or three similar situations. I’m with my players, we were the best team on the pitch. When you take three goals, you always miss something, but we played, we dominated, we gave everything and put Lazio in great difficulty. We conceded two goals from the counterattack and one while waiting for a penalty. They managed the last minutes well because the referee gave it to them. And nothing, that’s enough “.

Defensive mistakes?
“I’m not worried. I would be if we didn’t play, if we didn’t try to win even under two goals. I would be worried if Lazio had dominated us from start to finish, but they scored two goals on the counterattack and a losing team has to risk it ”.

The first goal conceded?
“Talking about football and not about referees after a match like this shows that Italian football has really changed, congratulations. We knew Milinkovic’s entries, we left him too much space in the center. Certainly we were wrong, but we reacted as if nothing had happened, as I like it. “

Can Zaniolo be a leader like Pellegrini?
“I don’t want to talk about Pellegrini yet. Nico played a good game, maybe he made some decision errors, but physically he destroyed his opponents with the progressions, even if he made some wrong decisions. He played a fantastic match, it’s a pity he couldn’t finish it due to this physical fatigue ”.

Does Roma come out well from the derby?
“The team is always there, even in difficult moments. We were in trouble for ten minutes, at half-time I told the team that they could hurt us on the break, but we had to take that risk. We deserved a different result, the referee was decisive. But we took pride in it and we were a team ”.

José Mourinho to the official channels of Roma

A difficult match?
“The match was difficult for the referee, he was the one who practically decided the match. Italian football is improving in many things, from the quality of the game to more offensive football, but the referee was not up to it. The 2-0 should not be 2-0, but 1-1, or anyway great chance to make 1-1 with a penalty for us, but the referee decided not to and even more surprisingly the Var decided to No. The second yellow to Leiva? Nothing. A situation very similar to Pellegrini’s in the last game, there were 2-3 very similar today, but nothing. Hence the frustration, but the team had a tremendous desire, he fought until the end and dominated, the opponent played on the counterattack. We made a mistake at the back, but for me the team did well, I’m proud “.

The speech at the end of the game?
“When you miss a game like this you have to rest assured, if you want to go to dinner tonight you have to go, if you want to go for a walk tomorrow you have to go. You must have no regrets, no complaints on an emotional level. We were the best team on the field, the referee decided the result, the players had a huge heart. There is sadness, but not frustration for the performance. For me the boys are untouchable. “

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