“We doctors all want to be vaccinated” – Corriere.it

“We doctors all want to be vaccinated” – Corriere.it
“We doctors all want to be vaccinated” – Corriere.it
from Margherita De Bac

The president of the National Federation of the Orders of Physicians and Surgeons recounts the outbursts in the chats of the white coats: “We don’t want to be discriminated against, the profession is a risk wherever you work”

Fiery chats, among medici. They just heard the news. The third doses will also be offered to them as a priority, immediately after the over 80s and guests of the nursing homes. But priority should be given to subjects at greater risk, based on the criticality of the department where they work and the state of health.

Filippo Anelli, president of the federation of the order of doctors, read us any outbursts?

“They wonder what is meant by risk. Then slogans such as either all or none, we are all the same ».

What do you think?

“That infectious disease specialists, ophthalmologists, family doctors, first aid workers who work in a sea port are all the same, no distinctions, they have the right to be defended in the profession”.


“If they put fragile citizens behind us, that’s okay too. As long as when it’s our turn we don’t say you yes you no. The virus circulates and you can catch it even when you go to visit a patient at home ».

Is it a privilege to give precedence to your colleagues who, if they become infected, due to health issues such as diabetes or hypertension would risk becoming seriously ill?

“I repeat. The whole profession is exposed. If the choice to diversify the timing of vaccination depends on organizational issues, I understand. However, it will not be easy to discriminate ».

In the first phase of the pandemic, many of you sacrificed, were infected, and died in service. You were considered heroes. Are you now taking a back seat?

«I don’t want to make controversy. We would just like to continue to work in peace ».

At what point is the count of no vax doctors?

«They do not exceed 900, all suspended. Unlike what you think, the controls are there. Of these, 30% repented and agreed to receive the double dose ».

And who does not repent?

“You change professions. Those who argue that the anti Covid is useless, violates the code and is not a good doctor. The Ministry of Health did well to impose vaccination on new members of the professional registers. The provincial orders will verify the possession of the requisite ».

Radiation is a blunt instrument. Those who are the subject of this provision have recourse to a commission of the Ministry of Health, now inactive.

«It is a delay reported several times. The no vax problem among us is a minority one, however, they are increasingly sidelined. I would also like to talk about something else ».

About what?

«Of the ventilated transition to a relationship of dependence of general practitioners with the public health service, proposed by the Regions without at least being consulted. Now our contract includes the convention ».

What reason is there to be against?

«The system could not hold up because it would break the doctor-patient relationship of trust. If one of my clients calls me outside of working hours I will answer him, tomorrow with the new setting when I finish the service I will close ».

Do you still have schedules today and are you sure that everyone answers the phone like you do?

«Look, I don’t take provocations and I reply with the numbers. During the pandemic, half of the patients were followed by the family doctor, we avoided many hospitalizations. As many as 4.2 million people have been treated at home. Whose credit is it? ».

September 27, 2021 (change September 27, 2021 | 07:51)


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