Vote in Rome, vademecum with a smile for the center-right voter – Il Tempo

Vote in Rome, vademecum with a smile for the center-right voter – Il Tempo
Vote in Rome, vademecum with a smile for the center-right voter – Il Tempo

Francesco Storace

September 27, 2021

Watch out for the error, which is voted on Sunday and Monday. Every day that we get closer to the goal, the appeals of the candidates flock, but this time we turn to the voters to invite them to think in time about how to vote. We do it today, because maybe you never think about these details. And instead they can be decisive to be sure that you have done your duty.

We “explain” it above all to the center-right voters. Those on the left already have party schools infiltrated inside their homes. Those who vote for Enrico Michetti must be careful not to leave room for fraud, where there are specialists in the other half of the field. It is useless to shout that our votes have not been counted, prevention is better than being robbed. How many times has it happened, but if we continue to be fooled then we cannot complain.

First of all, so as not to be cheated at the last minute, we open the drawer where we place the voting card each time and check that there are free spaces for the polling station stamp. The card usually fits on the nightstand next to the bed or in a kitchen cabinet. And let’s take the opportunity to also check the expiration of the identity document. All we need is that they do not make us vote because we have not renewed it yet.

There are two voting days, Sunday and Monday, even if the website of the Municipality of Rome had sent us into confusion, warning that “we vote on 2 and 3 October”. Trust Il Tempo: 3 and 4 October. On the 4th, which is Monday, you can vote until 3 pm. On Sunday until 11 pm.

There is no need for a green pass to vote, at the polling station you can sanitize your hands, the Lamorgese company takes care of it. Someone had thought about it, then they made him understand that the polling station is not a restaurant and it is enough to keep the distance between one voter and another.

If near the polling station you see opposing electoral propaganda in progress, notify the authorities on duty. If it’s center-right propaganda, a pat on the back of encouragement. After all, you will tell yourself, that “these guys” do evil who only want the good of our city.

The lists of the center-right in Rome – in a ballot paper that is a huge sheet – are all in the upper left. It’s easy to spot them right away, the draw was benign. Good sign. But watch out, because here the red devil saboteur of consent can manifest itself.

Make three marks on the ballot so that your vote won’t be stolen. It takes little to fill a free space on the ballot paper. Don’t let them and write things right. A cross on Michetti’s name, which you find already printed. Then another cross on the symbol of the list you want to support. And write down the two names of the candidates – a boy and a girl – to whom you intend to give preference. Attention: if you write two men, the vote is valid only for the first. Ditto for women. Obviously you can also vote for a single candidate but if you fill the two lines it is better. It’s a kind of anti-cheat disinfectant.

There is a possible alternative to this method of voting, it is called split voting. If you are on the left you can also vote for Michetti and your party or small party.

Note well for the center-right electric. No lipstick or nail polish to vote, you don’t have to get engaged at the polling station. Maybe suggest to your friends on the left to kiss the card as a sign of affection for democracy and the party.

No camera to show your friend that you voted for him, perhaps posting the image on social media as well. They denounce you. The vote is yours. This week you will meet your friends and family, who are obviously from all political backgrounds. Many – at least 44% – will feel indecisive. If you realize that one of them is on the left but does not know what to do, tell him that there is no need to vote, “nothing changes anyway”. To the undecided on the right, offer a ride to the polling station: it is good deeds that can change Rome.

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