Covid, it’s still pain. 53-year-old woman dies – Chronicle

Covid, it’s still pain. 53-year-old woman dies – Chronicle
Covid, it’s still pain. 53-year-old woman dies – Chronicle

Empolese Valdelsa, 27 September 2021 – The trail of deaths due to the virus is lengthening. In the Empolese Valdelsa the toll of the last month rises to four and the latest victim is the youngest. A woman from Montelupo Fiorentino did not manage to overcome the very serious consequences of the Covid infection. She was only 53, she passed away at home. In the first ten days of September, three other women preceded her, all of whom died in hospital: a 66-year-old from Certaldo, hospitalized in Santo Stefano di Prato, a 95-year-old from Empoli and a 93-year-old from Fucecchio, both died at San Giuseppe di Prato. Empoli.

Covid Toscana 26 September, the bulletin

It is clear that safety measures cannot be relaxed and attention must always be high. The virus continues to circulate and in those weaker subjects it can represent a great danger. Contagions in the territory of the former Asl 11 always remain double-digit: the latest cases ascertained are 24. In detail: 5 in Castelfiorentino and 5 Fucecchio, 6 in Certaldo, 4 in Empoli, one respectively in Capraia and Limite, Cerreto Guidi, Montelupo and Montespertoli. In the whole area of ​​the ASL Toscana center, there are 187 new positivity, in addition to four deaths (one of which in Montelupo). Even at the regional level, the trend of infections remains stable.

In the daily bulletin there are 263 with an average age of 41 years. Overall, there are seven deaths in the region. Fortunately, there is also a positive note, that of hospitalizations which is significantly decreasing. Yesterday, 321 people were hospitalized in the Covid wards, therefore 16 fewer than the previous day. Intensive beds also dropped to 47 (2 less). On the vaccination front, the campaign reached, with the first dose, 145,677 people over 12 residing in the Empolese Valdelsa Valdarno Inferiore. Those who have completed the cycle instead they are 142,099. For those who still have to receive the first dose of the anti Covid drug, they can go to the territorial hubs even without a reservation. For the Fucecchio vaccination point, these are the last days of activity before closing at the end of September. From today until the 30th, the garrison will remain open until 10 pm. The Empoli hub, in via Giuntini, will continue to administer the doses.

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