Elections Germany, the vote by mail is increasingly the protagonist: this is how it works

Elections Germany, the vote by mail is increasingly the protagonist: this is how it works
Elections Germany, the vote by mail is increasingly the protagonist: this is how it works

The vote by mail was introduced in Germany since 1957 and since 2008 it has become easier to use it, because you don’t have to give anymore no justification to request it. The percentage of voters is so consistently increased. In past elections, those of 2017 for the outgoing Bundestag, he had cast his vote by mail on 28,6% of voters. To these, with the pandemic, the percentage could be doubled, the Bundeswahlleiter anticipated Georg Thiel, which estimates at least one 40%, but at the moment it has not yet released an official figure. On the other hand, the trend was already present in March at the renewal of the Landtag of the Rhineland Palatinate where the number of postal votes rose from 31 to 66% and in Saxony-Anhalt where in June, from 13.7% in 2016 it passed to 29,4%. There are few who specify that they cannot go to the polling stations: most of the time voting by post is preferred for mere convenience or because there is more time to fill in the ballots with confidence.

There is no proven difference between the voting choices made by filling out the ballots at home or in a booth at the polling station and it is therefore difficult to say whether a party will take advantage Moreover or less. German public TV High indicated that in the past the Cdu e i gave enjoyed the largest share of postal votes, while the AfD than the smaller one. But the only sure thing is that those who vote by mail make their choices first and therefore the parties must anticipate the hot phase of their election campaign to win their preference. In theory, you could ask to vote by post as early as August.

The postal vote strengthens democracy because widen the percentage of votershowever, the exclusive use of it would not be compatible with constitutional principles. The scientific service of the Bundestag referring to the jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court, according to which “an excessive increase in votes by post could conflict with the constitutional design of the vote in the ballot box”And who has repeatedly indicated that although the rules in force comply with the Constitution, the principles of freedom, secrecy and public performance of the right-duty to vote in postal form are curbed.

The basic problem is that if you can only enter the cabin alone (unless there is a proven handicap in filling out or folding the ballot), it cannot be excluded that by voting from home the voter may not have filled in the ballot by himself, or in any case could have done so unnoticed e without influences. Bundeswahlleiter Thiel, however, assures that so far no elements have emerged that would suggest manipulations to such an extent as to influence the electoral outcome. If anything, there is greater concern in having to avoid attempts at interference from hacker from abroad. If in 2017 his office had a 40-point risk list, today there are many more, Thiel indicated in an interview with High.

One was enough to get the cards personal written question also online to the municipality of residence. The deadline was 6 pm two days before the consultation, or rather in case of sudden illness, even if alone by 15 of today. Many Germans have also resorted to these methods residing abroad. However, the votes had to arrive at the latest by the closing of the polls all 18.

The rise of postal suffrages constitutes a challenge for the survey institutes, because the exit polls, the “forecast“Given immediately at the close of the voting, at 18 precisely, are based exclusively on the data collected in the voting simulations carried out at the seats and the possible variations for the cards sent by post are only counted up statistical bases with data from previous consultations. On the other hand, something else applies to the subsequent projections which are gradually given on the basis of seats and postal sections taken as a sample.

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