Napoli-Cagliari 2-0, the report cards: Spalletti flies with Osimhen and Insigne. Mazzarri renounces

Napoli-Cagliari 2-0, the report cards: Spalletti flies with Osimhen and Insigne. Mazzarri renounces
Napoli-Cagliari 2-0, the report cards: Spalletti flies with Osimhen and Insigne. Mazzarri renounces

NAPLES-CAGLIARI 2-0: 12’ Osimhen, 57′ rig. Insigne


Ospina 6 – Without vote, inactive. Cagliari leaves only Joao Pedro to fight against the defense. The result? No conclusion towards the door.

Di Lorenzo 6,5 – For 45 ‘he is not seen much in the offensive phase, then he becomes a factor with his bucks that put his opponents in great difficulty.

Rrahmani 6.5 – Much sought after by his teammates, he has set-up duties and looks after the insertions of guest midfielders very well. No problem even in the final, when Mazzarri tries to play in a more offensive way.

Koulibay 7 – Play early, often managing to catch Joao Pedro’s time. Absolute leader of the rearguard, it seems to have returned to the levels of a few years ago.

Mario Rui 6.5 – A couple of providential diagonal locks always offer support to captain Insigne. He just lacks a little clarity in his conclusions.

Fabian Ruiz 6,5- He angers Spalletti for a couple of “adventurous” disengagement, but he is always in the midst of the maneuver. As the minutes pass, he rises to the chair and becomes a fundamental point of reference. (From 88 ‘ Demme s.v.).

Anguissa 7 – Still a great match for the newcomer. Verticalizes, manages possession, recovers balls, touches the goal from a distance. Complete player, a real revelation.

Politano 6 – Few noteworthy flashes, in its part Caceres and Lykogiannis are on good guard and never manages to become dangerous. But he is always inside the match. (From 69 ‘ Lozano 6 – Some interesting ideas, it is useful to raise the team).

Zielinski 6,5 – Often he is estranged from the maneuver, but has the merit of serving Osimhen the assist for the goal that unlocks the match. On a couple of occasions he can finish but he loses the moment. (From 69 ‘ Diamond 6 – He wants to do it and often ends up overdoing it, trying to jump all the opposing defense in slalom. Good signs).

Badge 6.5 – I start quietly, then gain confidence and begin to become a factor, even if it does not create big problems for Cragno. He has the merit of closing the match with a well-kicked penalty. (From 77 ‘ Ounas sv).

Osimhen 7,5 – True striker goal, the sixth in this incredible start to the season. Dragger, sometimes overflowing, he is in great shape but the Cagliari defenders leave him really inviting spaces. (From 76 ‘ Petagna sv).

Coach: Luciano Spalletti 7 – Six games, six wins. He had a great desire to return to coaching and he amply demonstrated it. His Napoli is a true, cohesive team, which has quality and many game solutions. Today she is among the favorites to win the Scudetto, thanks also to the conviction transmitted by her coach.

CAGLIARI (edited by Paolo Lora Lamia)

Cragno 6 – He can do little on the paw of the implacable Osimhen, which is worth the Neapolitan advantage. Touch the miracle on Insigne’s rigor.

Zappa 5 – He suffers tremendously in his lane, where both Insigne and Mario Rui rage. You can also see a little ahead.

Walukiewicz 5 – Difficult day for the defensive center, several times in difficulty against the unleashed Neapolitan strikers. (From 69 ‘ Ceppitelli 6 – Log in with the result already compromised and with Napoli which has decreased the offensive pressure)

Godin 4,5 – He has several responsibilities on Osimhen’s goal, above all for having let Zielinski escape, who makes the winning assist. Complete his nightmare evening causing the penalty of the blue doubling.

Caceres 5 – Deployed on the left to ensure more coverage on that side, it fails in many circumstances in its intent.

Nandez 5,5 – His determination on the right is not lacking, even if it is less decisive than in other circumstances.

Strootman 5.5 – The Dutchman is clearly in difficulty in the confrontation with the opposing midfielders, even offering little when Cagliari tries to attack. (From 85 ‘ Grassi sv)

Deiola 6 – Worth noting for his generosity and great help in the defensive phase, with some balls recovered during actions that could have made the passive heavier. (From 69 ‘ Keita 6 – He has a few balls available to show off and try to reopen the match)

Lykogiannis 5,5 – Try to put some balls in the middle from the left lane, resulting in the first half among the least negative of Mazzarri’s formation. It falls in the second half. (From 85 ‘ Pereiro sv)

Marin 5,5 – Part to man on Fabian Ruiz, but not creating excessive problems for the Spanish midfielder. In shadow also from the point of view of finishing.

João Pedro 5.5 – Difficult evening for the Brazilian, poorly served by his teammates and well contained by the defenders in the blue jersey.

Herds Mazzarri 5.5 – He starts with a very cautious 4-4-1-1, which however does not pay in the first half. The changes made in the second half do not change the inertia of the game and the score. He still has a lot of work to do.

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